6 Best Browsers You Can Install on Linux Like Ubuntu


Browsers are a GUI based desktop operating system life when it comes to browsing, here we learn some of the best browsers available to install on Linux distributions such as Ubuntu, Rocky Linux, Fedora, Redhat, and more…

Which browser is the best? Internet users have been arguing about the answer to this question for years. However, here we are not going to track which browser is the best but rather list those which are popular and can be easily installed on Linux systems. However, almost all Linux distributions come with a default browser which is the powerful “Mozilla FireFox”. However, many users still appreciate the clean design of Google Chrome, others are wary of the search engine giant and prefer Firefox or Mozilla’s Opera. Some would also like to have Microsoft Edge on Linux, as it comes pre-installed on all Windows PCs anyway. So, let’s explore some options you can use to replace your default Linux browser.

Best Browsers to Use on Linux Distros

1. Midori

Midori is a fast and lightweight WebKit-based browser. For the graphical interface, the GTK graphics library is used, which makes the program like Epiphany perfectly integrated in GNOME and also in Xfce or LXDE. The speed advantage over Gecko-based browsers such as Firefox is especially evident for websites with heavy use of JavaScript and other Web 2.0 features. Among others, Midori offers tabbed browsing, mouse gestures, private mode, speed dial feature, support for Mozilla plugins; Tabs, windows and session management; Internet search flexibly adjustable; Support for scripts and user styles; Bookmark management; Customizable and extensible interface and built-in extensions.

We can easily install it using SNAP or Flatpak. For more information, visit his GitHub page.

2. Google Chrome

Well, this browser needs no introduction. Chrome is quite a popular and familiar browser that we can easily install on all popular Linux systems using a repository released officially by Google for Linux systems. Chrome’s store offers hundreds of plugins to extend the capabilities of the browser, and its synchronization also allows us to always share history, passwords and settings with other devices. However, it is not open source software, users who are looking for open source software can opt for Chromium. Try it: 2 Ways to Install Chrome Browser on Ubuntu.

Google Chrome install command for Ubuntu 22.04 Jammy

3. Brave Browser

Brave is another popular browser to install on Linux when it comes to privacy and performance. Although it’s Chromium-based, it promises to block intrusive ads and trackers and pays close attention to its users’ privacy. Instead, if the user has chosen it, the browser displays its own advertisements, for which the user receives virtual currency in the style of Bitcoin. The Brave browser promises that you can earn the internal cryptocurrency “Basic Attention Tokens” (BAT) by watching ads on Brave. The option is called “Brave Rewards”.

Brave tries to position itself as a “secure and fast web browser” compared to other providers such as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox with the help of a built-in ad blocker, called “Brave Shields”.

Although it prevents tracking from many giants such as Facebook and Twitter, blocking cookies alone does not make you invisible while browsing. Many websites still use JavaScript, which can be used to uniquely identify you.

Learn– Install Brave Browser on Ubuntu 22.04

Install and Run Brave Browser on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS

4.Microsoft Edge

After trusting Internet Explorer for a very long time, Microsoft has decided to replace its old browser with a new Microsoft Edge. However, it is also based on the popular open source Chromium, but with many additional features. Just like Google Chrome, this Edge browser is also not open source software. It offers compatibility with all extensions developed to work on Google Chrome or Chromium. With just one click, Microsoft Edge can arrange your browser tabs on the left side of the screen instead of at the top.

Microsoft allows the blocking of third-party cookies. The Privacy section of Edge’s settings menu offers three levels of blocking (Simple, Balanced, and Strict), along with an option to use the strictest setting for your incognito browsing sessions.

Learn– How to install Microsoft Edge browser on Ubuntu Where Almalinux/Rocky

Run Microsoft Edge Almalinux or Rocky linux browser


Vivaldi is a lightweight browser designed for advanced users by Vivaldi Technologies AS, which is based on Chromium’s Blink rendering engine. The Vivaldi browser takes a pretty refreshing route. Instead of trying to appeal to as many users as possible, the Norwegian company Vivaldi Technologies focuses on users for whom there are never enough functions.

Vivaldi has a cookie warning blocker on board. The feature reduces annoying cookie dialogs and banners you receive while browsing due to GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). Tabs and their organization are an important topic at Vivaldi. Users can place the tab bar at the top, bottom, left or right. Apart from this integrated email client, it is also there to integrate your email account including that of Gmail.

In-browser extras include a note and screenshot feature. With the latter, you can capture entire websites and not just the content of the currently visible screen. Also exciting for power surfers: With the “Duplicate tab” function, you save yourself the constant scrolling on a page to quickly switch between different parts of a website.

Learn: Install Vivaldi on Ubuntu 22.04

Vivaldi browser install Ubuntu 22.04 LTS

6. Opera

Opera is more innovative than almost any other browser Opera uses on Linux: you can use unlimited VPN, mouse gestures, dark mode, Chrome add-ons, tab search and screenshot creation. ‘screen.

Technically, the browser is “just” one of many descendants of Chromium: it uses its Blink (for HTML) and V8 (for JavaScript) engines. This means that it shares the codebase with most other updated browsers.

The energy saving mode can be activated on laptops and PCs, it makes more sense in battery operation (which is only available on laptops).

Learn: How to install Opera on Ubuntu Linux.

Download and Install Opera Browser on Ubuntu 20.04 Linux

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