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Paul Sweeting, left, and Dan Houghton

Founded in the 1920s at the Queensgate Works site in Wolverhampton by CW Goodyear, Steelway has a long-standing heritage and the new owners wish to build on the established legacy of the Steelway brand.

To facilitate this transition, former owners Dan Houghton and Walter Karpynec committed to a smooth handover and worked with the new management team until the end of June.

Steelway specializes in the design, manufacture and installation of metal parts across its three divisions, providing high quality, bespoke solutions to a wide range of industries.

The main Steelway division produces architectural and access hardware. Steelway Fensecure manufactures a range of custom fences, gates and access and partitioning solutions. Steelway Brickhouse manufactures a range of access covers and complementary security solutions for the water, sanitation, telecommunications, power and rail markets.

Steelway’s premier customer base includes Cross-Rail, HS2, and the Hinkley and Sellafield nuclear power plants.

The new owners are looking to build on the excellent base of longtime staff members and have already started an employment campaign. With a focus on developing existing skills, they are recruiting new staff including senior CAD technicians and project managers to serve on exciting new framework contracts secured in recent weeks. Investment is also a central part of plans for the future. The first steps have been taken to modernize and innovate existing systems and processes, such as investing in a 3D laser scanner – and expansion of production capacity is already underway. Providing the highest quality service to its loyal customers is at the heart of the company’s ethics.

Steelway’s new management team are Managing Director Paul Sweeting and Commercial Director Peter Noble-Jones.

Paul has a background in product design and production engineering at various metal fabrication companies, making him an ideal candidate for Steelway. For the past six years, Paul has worked as a Group Technical Director for the Bradbury Group. This period has been devoted to combining and overseeing the Group’s R&D and engineering functions, but increasingly helping to drive commercial and strategic growth of activities in the UK and overseas markets.

Paul said: “The Steelway name and brand are, and always have been, synonymous with quality in all areas of the market in which they operate, including utilities and construction. Personally, I am extremely excited to build on this rich heritage and have the opportunity to lead the company towards its 100th anniversary. The new owners and the management team inherit an extremely well-run business, from Dan and Walter, for which they are to be congratulated, not only for this but also for the way it has been run successfully and profitably in the past. over the past 18 unprecedented months.

“As we move forward, with a recovering market, new investments, an aggressive sales and marketing strategy, combined with the fantastic experience and talent we have on our business teams, everyone’s future at Steelway is extremely exciting. “

Peter joins Steelway after 20 years of working with Bradbury Group, transforming it from a manufacturer of window grilles to the largest producer of steel doors in the UK. Peter’s expertise lies in growing revenues and building relationships with new industries and new customers.

“The opportunities for Steelway are immense. I have an excellent team, with an extraordinary depth of knowledge. The main message I get from clients is that their projects wouldn’t have been so smooth if Steelway hadn’t been involved. Interaction with other suppliers and the flexibility to deliver when needed are essential.

“The construction industry, both commercial and residential is booming, which plays perfectly in the hands of our three divisions. Building on that track record and that philosophy is a dream ticket,” he said. -he declares.

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