Alexa stops; What’s the best alternative to data?

0 is an Amazon company that was established 20 years ago. It offers services for internet tracking, traffic monitoring and evaluation of the behavior of website users as they navigate from page to page.

Amazon has no plans to turn off the Alexa voice assistant. Do not feel threatened in any way; you will still be able to shout on any Alexa enabled device in the corner of your room to turn the lights on or off. If you are the full beneficiary of Amazon, you have probably heard about the shutdown of Amazon internet services by May 1, 2022.

Well if you’ve used Alexa on your own and unfortunately it’s now shutting down despite being your favorite website ranking platform, then don’t worry. From this article, you will learn about the best Alexa alternative which is reliable, tested and proven to work even better than Amazon’s Alexa.

What is Alexa Internet Service?

Alexa’s internet marketing data tool has been in operation for the past 2 decades. The dataset offers a wide range of tools with detailed information on the most popular sites. Besides, it has a website analytics feature which helps increase your site’s organic search performance.

The famous element of Alexa’s internet service is the Alexa Rank. The Alexa Rank is the score that acts as an indication of the popularity of the website. It’s a valuable plugin for Alexa users because it measures whether a link to a given website is valuable enough to help improve search engine optimization efforts.

Alexa’s internet services also included other essential tools such as;

Site metrics; This provided journey data which calculated variables such as bounce rate, daily pageviews per visit, and daily time on site. He also calculated the main sources of domain traffic and the distribution of a site’s audience.

Competitive analysis; This calculated the site’s position relative to the competition and yielded useful information, such as top referring sites, audience overlap with competitors, and top keywords. Alexa Site Flow statistics from competitive analysis also showed you which site your users visited and which sites they visited after leaving your website.

Social engagement analysis; The social engagement analysis tool has contributed to high level social data in areas such as;

  • Top Social Topics – Displays top topics based on the total engagement of website traffic and competitors.
  • Social Engagement – Shows the total number of articles and average engagement across all websites.
  • Popular Posts – Popular post stats inform the top posts based on total engagement.

Keyword opportunities; users had some interesting keyword data pieces available, including keyword gaps, easy-to-rank keywords, buyer keywords, and optimization opportunities.

Traffic statistics; Traffic statistics are taken from the Alexa ranking and could help rank global internet traffic and engagement.

Alexa has been helping internet marketplaces achieve their business goals without too much difficulty for over 20 years. Unfortunately, Amazon is now shutting it down from May 2022. With that in mind, let’s consider checking out some of the full analytics platforms that may work as an alternative to your Alexa.

Alternatives to Amazon Alexa

  1. Similarweb – The most trusted and comprehensive competitive analysis platform to help you rank websites as you work to identify the most popular websites.
  2. Authoritas – A Big Data-Driven Search Engine Optimization Platform
  3. Ahrefs – well known search engine optimization platform
  4. SEMrush – Data Driven Search Engine Optimization Platform
  5. Comscore – Competitive analysis tool

The best data alternative for Alexa

Among the 5 Alexa alternatives highlighted above, Similarweb stands out as the most reliable competitive intelligence platform. It is the leading solution for collecting data, analyzing data and providing adequate information for website reporting.

Similarweb offers metrics more focused on providing competitive information in website rankings to help marketers beat their competition. In short, if you are to focus on keeping big data with the ultimate bottom line for your business, you need Similarweb as an alternative to

About Similarweb

Similarweb is a technology platform that collects data from Android and iPhone apps through ISPs and SDKs. The competitive intelligence tool allows you to install its tracking code on your website and provides the SDK for third party developers to install in their apps, which allows it to track user behavior on websites and apps.

As a result, it will collect huge amounts of sea course data to power your product performance as it will pull the essential algorithms to help you stand out from your competition. It works the same with Amazon’s Alexa service in ranking websites for data collection and analysis. However, according to recent customer feedback, it is significantly improved by the convenience and accessibility of advanced features to perform better than

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