All USA Franchises, America’s leading franchise portal for investors and entrepreneurs, refreshes its logo


All USA Franchises’ modernized logo encapsulates its continued mission to be the industry’s preferred FREE franchise portal.

All American franchises have outranked the actual franchisor’s site when someone searches for information on what they offer. In the past 90 days alone, we have appeared more than 3.4 million times for searches for popular franchises on the Google search engine alone, said Robert Blankenship, CEO of All USA Franchises.

All American FranchisesAmerica’s first FREE online franchise directory, has refreshed its logo to encapsulate its continued mission to be the preferred franchise portal in the industry for investors and entrepreneurs looking to invest in a franchise, and for franchisors who are looking to sell franchises and gain access to resources to help them operate at a more optimal level.

Robert Blankenship, CEO of WebFindYou, launched All USA Franchises in 2018 to overcome the myriad problems that franchises face with the traditional “paid” model of other franchise directories. These issues go first and foremost to getting paid and providing, most of the time, little or no value in return, and many franchisors are unhappy with the quality of leads. Upon cancellation, their profile is either deleted or shows an ugly “expired listing” on the franchise profile.

Additionally, entrepreneurs and investors only see franchises that are willing to pay to be in front of them, which doesn’t give them the best possible options for what they’re looking for. In fact, it causes them to spend more time researching and scanning other franchise directories and websites to find what they are looking for. Thanks to All USA Franchises, those days of inefficient research and lack of results for franchisors are now a thing of the past.

Since its inception in 2018, All USA Franchises, also known as AUF, has quickly become one of the top franchise portals thanks to its FREE model. Most importantly, its digital marketing is powered by real WebFindYou digital marketing technology. This has allowed AUF to quickly become one of the top listings in search engines like Google and Bing for popular search terms by investors and entrepreneurs looking for franchise opportunities or franchise information. specific.

“AUF often outperforms the franchisor’s website when someone searches Google and Bing for information related to that franchisor’s offering,” said Robert Blankenship, CEO of All USA Franchises. “In the past 90 days alone, AUF has been viewed over 3.4 million times for popular franchise searches on the Google search engine alone.”

Currently, the AUF has over 1,700 registered franchises in its database and is seeking to have all franchises in the country listed on its free portal. Franchisors are encouraged to create their profile for free by visiting the List Your Franchise Now at All US Franchises page. The AUF also offers a franchise resource section for entrepreneurs, investors and franchisors to find support from well-known franchise brokers, consultants, financiers, developers and lawyers.

AUF users can filter their search by sector, initial investment or keyword. They can also search for franchise events across the United States. All franchise profiles in the directory include a general overview of franchising, start-up costs, benefits of investing in franchising, videos, and more. Users can also add any franchises they are interested in using the convenient and quick option of pressing the “Add to List of Requests” button. This feature is on every franchise profile and allows them to add franchise opportunities in a cart-like feature. They can add their contact details and send them to all the franchises in their cart at once. This saves the user time instead of having to contact each franchise individually.

Some of the popular industries listed on All USA Franchises include, but are not limited to, Automotive Franchises, Entertainment Franchises, Construction Franchises, Beauty Franchises, Food Franchises, Pet Service Franchises, home services, retail franchises and dozens more.

To start a franchise search today or to learn more about all American franchises, visit their website at

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