Big brands speed localization amid social media backlash

Big brands are quickly incorporating local and regional nuances into their branding, apps, campaigns and marketing as they have recently faced increased criticism from social media users about some allegedly controversial consumer interactions. as well as advertisements.

For example, last week, in a video that went viral on social media, a customer at a KFC store in Bangalore was seen asking an employee to play Kannada songs instead of English songs. of sale. “Karnataka is in India and you don’t need a visa to be here, do you? Hindi is the national language,” he said in the video. This led to the #RejectKFC hashtag trending on the microblogging platform Twitter and a demonstration outside the store.

Following the social media hubbub, the quick-service restaurant chain said it would incorporate regional sensibilities into the brand. “We incorporate regional nuances into all aspects of the brand – from the menu, food and restaurant elements, communication with customers, local celebrities and more,” said a KFC spokesperson. in response to ET’s question.


The brand “has the highest regard for all cultures and languages,” the spokesperson added.

Separately, food delivery platform

recently said he was building a Tamil version of his app and had already localized his marketing communications in the state. The restaurant aggregator also said it was building a Tamil support center in Coimbatore. This came following a massive backlash on social media about an agent asking a state user to learn Hindi – the national language – when the customer called to complain about an item missing from the food order. Soon the #RejectZomato started to become a social media trend. “We have actively deployed regional communications, marketing and advertising over the past few years,” said a spokesperson for Zomato.

Other brands are also playing it safe. The McDonald’s India hamburger and fries chain has “always remained a global brand with local relevance,” said Rajeev Ranjan, COO – North and East.

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