CheezySwap Joins Binance Smart Chain as Decentralized Platform and NFT


The Binance smart channel market is growing rapidly and CheezySwap is the most popular new addition. It is a first Cross-Chain Dex and NFT market with a native deflationary Cheezy NFT’S and Swap Tokens.

Its mission is to democratize access to finance by bringing current financial products in a decentralized manner which corresponds to the idea of ​​decentralized finance. It aims to become a major disruptor in the De-Fi space.

CheezySwap is a unique trading platform that gives its community access and the ability to dictate exactly how they want their finances to be managed. Using CheezySwap’s governance platform, token owners will have the ability to create polls and vote on any changes they would like to see on the platform. This could range from changing the algorithm inputs on how the platform generates revenue up to the modus operandi. Members of the CheezySwap community have all the power in their hands to make desirable decisions and reforms on the platform, and bring useful ideas to the table.

The difference between CheezySwap and other cash exchange platforms is that CheezySwap is more flexible, cheaper and faster because it is powered by Binance Smart Chain.

Token model:
CheezySwap is an altcoin: the unique feature of CheezySwap is that it charges a 2% fee to anyone who buys, sells or transfers their tokens:
? 1% of that fee is then redistributed to all other CheezySwap owners, essentially rewarding those who keep their tokens and discouraging the sale.
? 1% of this fee is automatically burned.
Users will automatically collect the rewards in their wallets. The reward collection cycle is not affected until users sell 100% of their tokens. The proportion of the amount received is reflected by the amount of CHEEZY $ tokens kept in their wallets.
Along with automated yield generation, users also earn via a perpetual increase in the value of $ CHEEZY as they undergo a burn mechanism. Burns are controlled by the development team and are performed based on achievements. The deflationary connotation given to the platform ensures a gradual decrease in supply and an increase in value.

1. Unauthorized, Anti-Censorship: In any environment, anyone can access CheezySwap without KYC permission or exam.
2. Liquidity aggregation: users can trade assets at the lowest rate and through the most efficient trading channel – this is achieved by connecting their own decentralized portfolios.
3. Inter-chain exchange: we implement all proven and possible inter-chain solutions on the market with our aggregation protocol. With this, we can make cross-chain transactions. Users can freely trade multi-channel assets with just one click.
4. Community action: Based on the issuance and business model of the CheezySwap token, decentralized governance and community-driven development will be achieved.

Developers who create NFTs can set an optional fee for market orders (2.5% is recommended). This can be set at a maximum of 25%.

Optional transfer fees also allow the developer to monetize transactions and direct transfers. For example, this feature allows a digital artist who creates works of art in NFTs to charge a transfer fee for subsequent transfers of those NFTs.

In addition, CheezySwap will allow artists to place “copyright” and earn a commission on each subsequent resale of their NFT. The main reason for this is to attract the best artists to the CheezySwap platform.

The CHEEZY token has a fixed supply of 5,000,000 and is deflationary in nature. The platform will use 0.05% of the spot trading fee to redeem and burn tokens. This means that as the activity on the platform increases, the burn rate will also increase. The platform also introduces a staking protocol where liquidity providers can stake their tokens to earn an additional CHEEZY as a gesture to reward the initial liquidity providers and to reduce the risk of temporary loss. CHEEZY looks forward to pre-selling in January and registering as soon as the sale is over.

To celebrate its launch, CheezySwap is doing a drop to give away CHEEZY tokens to users who have already traded on Pancakeswap. Visit their website to try your luck!

For more information, potential users can visit the official website website. In addition, join Telegram and Twitter to stay connected!

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Version Number: 89058595

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