China Metaverse Week 2022 is officially launched


Metaverse is a next-generation technology platform of great business and social value.

Based on 5G/6G, artificial intelligence, AR/VR, cloud computing, IoT and other next-generation information infrastructure, the metaverse realizes virtualization and digitization of the real world through the large-scale transformation of economic systems, user experience and content. of the physical world, and is supported by resource sharing, asset standards and consensus protocols, etc., finally shaped by the continuous integration and evolution of various tools and platforms.

According to authoritative analyst forecasts, the metaverse market will reach $1 trillion by 2025, with a compound annual growth rate of 13.1%.

And the year 2021 has unleashed a wave of metaverses, which has brought a complete upgrade to the immersive experience of seeing, hearing, and now touching and feeling before. Metaverse advertising has also moved from the current one-dimensional plane of single release to a four-dimensional space that consumers can feel, participate in, create and traverse, and we have moved from visual media to a new era of total perception media!

In this context, CHINA Metaverse Week 2022 will be held in Shanghai on May 20-21, to connect metaverse practitioners and enthusiasts.

China Metaverse Week 2022 is launched by metaverse news aggregation platform CC Global. China Metaverse Week brings together builders, entrepreneurs, investors and experts in metaverse, brands, games, social networks, avatars, NFT, 3D, visual effects, virtual reality, AR, Web3 and beyond. China Metaverse Week covers many different topics and addresses different levels of metaverse understanding, aiming to build a business exchange platform connecting China and the global metaverse industry, together for an open future of the metaverse.

2022 CHINA METAVERSE WEEK deserves your participation!

CC Global is focused on building a premium communication platform for the metaverse, stimulating unlimited business opportunities for brands, and creating apex with an international metaverse ecosystem.

Jthe hottest topics to discuss

Covering viral virtual human, virtual digital space marketing, NFT digital collection, IP mining, immersive gamification experience design, etc.

Covering various brands and scene suppliers

MetaUp2022 Metaverse Digital Marketing Summit extensively covers the Chinese and global Metaverse brand marketing ecosystem, providing you with the opportunity to build new business relationships and establish historic partnerships with industry players in Web3, Metaverse (platform/ solution/project), blockchain, NFT, GameFi, brands (luxury goods, cosmetics and beauty, FMCG, retail, etc.), virtual reality technologies such as VR, AR, XR and MR, avatar, AI, 3D , VFX, rendering, game engine technology, video game technology platform, IP providers and incubation, UGC (Creator Economy Platform), gaming and social, international media and investment, individuals (game developers, enthusiasts, social lovers and developers), passionate individual metaverses.

Hhigh quality content

2022 CHINA METAVERSE WEEK brings together “heavy” speakers from home and abroad to bring you the most cutting-edge insights in the industry. You’ll grasp key trends in the metaverse digital marketing industry and gain unique insights into “how brands can connect to the new metaverse digital space.”

May 20:

Main Forum: The Marketing Revolution Under Metaverse Awakening

Sub-Forum I: Avatars – The Messenger Connecting the Metaverse and Reality

Sub-Forum II: NFT – New code for pioneering brand marketing

Sub-Forum III: Game Interaction and Immersive Design

May 21:

Main forum: Metaverse, the new era of Web3

Sub-Forum I: GameFi Metaverse


Main topics

  • Visit the Metaverse Innovation Showcase
  • MetaUp Award Ceremony
  • Corporate Social Negotiation
  • Visit the Metaverse Innovation Showcase
  • Metaverse Roadshow
  • Corporate Social Negotiation

Develop high-end networking and promote business cooperation during the social cocktail

2022 CHINA METAVERSE WEEK is a large-scale, innovative, branded, influential and unique social networking event that will help you expand your network, establish communications, partnerships and business deals.

The MetaUp Awards Ceremony, adhering to the “Let Metaverse Marketing Empower Growth” concept, provides professional awards to deeply explore the value of innovative metaverse marketing and inspire more brand advertisers, scene providers and practitioners of the marketing to innovate, aiming to establish a new model and benchmark for the development of the industry.

In addition, the organizing committee will also customize the rewards for exceptional cases, so bring your products, your technologies and your proud team, and enter the contest to make yourself known and win honors!

The rewards are as below:

  • 10 Best Metaverse Marketing Industry Awards
  • 10 Best GameFi Rewards
  • 10 Best NFT Platform Awards
  • Metaverse Marketing Innovation Award 2022
  • Most Valuable Innovation Award 2022
  • Most Popular GameFi Metaverse Award
  • Avatars New Talent Award
  • Most Valuable NFT Platform Award
  • Outstanding Metaverse Marketing Solution Award
  • Metaverse Marketing Influential Brand Award

The metaverse is the main theme of 2022 and a quick entry point into the meta-universe for any industry. At present, many companies have already started to layout in the metaverse.

As a metaverse information aggregation platform, CC Global organized the “Asia Pacific Metaverse New Era Summit”, the most professional and research-oriented industry summit in the metaverse industry with the most large number of participants, which brought together many industry experts from the metaverse industry. and has been well received by the industry. So join us for a metaverse party on May 20, 2022.

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