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What is a Headless CMS? Why are more companies interested in it today?

Powered by increased flexibility and scalability, it could be the next generation of content management systems.

Lidia Infante, Senior SEO Manager at, joined me on the SEJ Show to explain how the headless CMS works and how it can be especially beneficial for e-commerce businesses.

I don’t have to build every page. I create content in a central database, a central source of truth. And then I deploy it following a pattern.–Lidia Infanta, [16:00]

I think there is a bit of a misconception about headless. A lot of people out there, the conversations I have with people who aren’t tech SEOs, is that they think that just using a headless means it’s automatically going to be faster, more faster and a better experience. –Loren Baker, [25:15]

For most e-commerce sites, I would recommend going with a headless solution, especially if you’re on the direct-to-consumer side with a big brand.–Lidia Infanta, [45:09]

[00:00] – Lidia’s past.
[10:36] – What is a headless CMS and why is it useful?
[17:20] – Are you building from scratch in a headless environment?
[22:00] – Are headless CMSs faster?
[26:00] – Headless SEO optimizations.
[31:30] – Other benefits of using a headless SMT system.
[36:00] – How well does the AI ​​content rank there?
[39:52] – Where does Lidia see her headless going in the next four to five years?
[44:45] – What kind of business should turn to a headless CMS?
[49:59] – How important is JavaScript?

Resources cited: – Free boosted Sanity plan for SEJ readers

When it comes to SEO and other things you can do, I think the main problem Headless solves is content speed.–Lidia Infanta, [28:00]

Headless CMS can guide you a bit more when it comes to optimizing web performance. Different headless CMS will help you achieve incredible web vitals differently.–Lidia Infanta, [26:19]

B2C brands need to ensure that the experience they offer on their website is not the typical e-commerce experience of title, product, image, price, and description. It’s more like the experience they can offer in a store. –Lidia Infanta

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Lidia Infante is a consultant, writer and speaker who has worked to help businesses increase their reach through SEO in European, US and Australian markets.

It got its start in business through psychology, enabling organic growth strategies that are now making e-commerce sites a hit!

As part of her passion for SEO, she likes to regularly participate in SEO community podcasts and webinars. She writes about international strategy, digital trade and women’s rights on her website.

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