Digital India has given a platform to small local Modi artisans entrepreneurs


Digital India has given a platform to local small traders, entrepreneurs and artisans, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said at the inauguration of the 6th India Mobile Congress on Saturday.

Prime Minister Modi also launched 5G services and said today was a special day for the developing India of the 21st century.

“Today, 130 million Indians are receiving a wonderful gift in the form of 5G from the country and the country’s telecom industry. 5G is knocking on the door of a new era in the country,” he said.

PM Modi added that 5G is the start of an endless sky of opportunity. He noted with satisfaction that in this launch of 5G and the march of technology, rural areas and workers are equal partners.

He also said that India would play an important role in the design of future wireless technology and related manufacturing.

The Prime Minister pointed out that India is dependent on other countries for 2G, 3G and 4G technologies. But with 5G, India has created a new story.

“With 5G, India is for the first time setting a global standard in telecommunications technology,” he noted.

Highlighting the government’s efforts in the area of ​​digital payments, the Prime Minister remarked that it is the government that has stepped forward and eased the way for digital payments.

“The government itself has promoted a citizen-centric delivery service through the app. Be it farmers or small traders, we have given them a way to meet their daily needs through the app,” Modi added.


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