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The UK Oil and Gas Authority (OGA) has announced that more than 50 years of ‘crucial’ North Sea data has been made available through the National Data Repository (NDR).

According to the OGA, the digital platform is revealing valuable secrets of the North Sea and helping businesses make more informed decisions as they transition to net zero. The introduction of the new data will help in areas such as exploration and production efficiency, as well as the identification of potential sites for carbon storage, the OGA said. This data was previously expensive and time consuming to retrieve, according to the organization.

The NDR opened as an online platform in 2019 and originally housed 100 terabytes of well, geophysical and other license data. Now, transferred to the OGA’s cloud-based digital energy platform, an additional 400 terabytes will be downloaded in the coming months, the OGA revealed. The service is used by more than 100 energy companies to report data under the Energy Law of 2016 and the Petroleum Law of 1998.

“Accessible data is absolutely essential for the future of the industry,” said Nic Granger, corporate director and chief financial officer of OGA, in an OGA statement.

“It’s vital for exploration, production, reuse and decommissioning, as well as achieving net zero… The OGA is committed to meeting this need by taking data and digital to the next level to enable a digital energy transition. The enhanced NDR is a key part of this enhanced service that we are proud to provide to the industry, ”Granger added in the release.

UK Energy and Climate Change Minister Anne-Marie Trevelyan said: “Across industry, government and academia, data is essential to ensure the UK continues to lead the world in the fight against climate change and to rebuild greener ”.

“The national data repository will provide greater accessibility to the data needed to support the UK oil and gas industry in the transition to a low carbon energy future, including the identification of carbon storage sites,” which is essential for us to meet our climate commitments, ”Trevelyan added.

The OGA is working with industry and government to maximize the economic recovery of UK oil and gas and support the UK government in its drive to achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, notes the organization on its website. The OGA, which says it is fully committed to enabling the UK government’s commitment to achieve net zero to be fulfilled, highlights on its site that government forecasts show oil and gas will remain an important part of the energy mix for the foreseeable future, including below net zero.

In June, the OGA issued consolidated and updated flaring and ventilation guidelines, which she says sets out a more stringent approach to driving reductions. In March, the organization launched a stewardship expectation that spells out how the oil and gas industry should reduce its greenhouse gas emissions and supporting the achievement of the UK’s net zero target.

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