‘Don’t bother us dad’: Woman posts ‘getting married’ on social media after dad claims daughter was abducted


A girl from Hajipur, Bihar has posted her marital status on social media, days after her father filed an FIR claiming his daughter had been kidnapped. The girl in the video begs her family members saying “don’t bother us”.

A girl posts her ‘married’ status on social media days after her father claims she was kidnapped. (representative photo)

After a man from Hajipur, Bihar filed an FIR claiming his daughter had been kidnapped, the girl posted a status on her social media page saying she had in fact gotten married.

The girl shared a video on her social media page saying she got married and added ‘don’t bother us daddy’.

In a video widely shared on social networks, the young girl rejects the kidnapping case filed by her father. In addition, she appeals to the police for help.

After investigating the viral video, it was discovered that the girl was from Malikpura and her father had filed an FIR at Goraul Police Station saying his daughter had been abducted.

In the video, the girl is seen with a boy and she states that she got married of her own free will and was happy.

She is also seen pleading with her family members not to disturb her.

Notably, the police have both the FIR of the girl’s father calling it a kidnapping and the video of the girl. It remains to be seen what measures will be taken next.

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