Endeavor Content Partners gets Crew Management and Analytics via Crewvie – Deadline


EXCLUSIVE: Endeavor Content has partnered with global production platform Crewvie to apply its proprietary software for real-time workforce analytics and crew roster management across all of its productions .

Endeavor Content’s current slate includes the series Life and Beth, Breakup, Deputy Tokyo and Roarand movies Cha Cha real smooth and 80 for Brady. Crewvie, which is focused on promoting diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility for artisans, will provide the studio with measurable data for all of its productions, as well as easy access to a well of diverse talent for staffing future projects.

Endeavor Content’s partnership with Crewvie follows the platform’s work with the Entertainment Industry Foundation, a 501(c)(3) charity that over the past year has used its DEIA data and tools Communications and Membership Management to launch a Careers Program, aimed at creating a more diverse talent pool in film and television careers.

“The Crewvie platform has been instrumental in the success of FEI’s careers program,” said FEI President and CEO Nicole Sexton. “Together, we have created a solution to address long-term sustainable increases in diversity, equity and inclusion in the entertainment industry.”

“Throughout our careers as producers, we have experienced the various pain points and seen the cracks in the foundation when it comes to building balanced teams and having a centralized crew hub. , which is why Crewvie was created,” platform co-founders Marcei Brown and Jeanette Volturno said in a joint statement. “We not only make inclusion measurable, but also seek to open doors for emerging talent behind the lens by creating a vibrant community and toolkit.”

Endeavor Content’s Senior Vice President, Global Head of Human Resources, Dr. Tasmin Plater, added, “Crewvie is a necessary and important platform that allows us to easily and efficiently ensure that all of our productions qualify for the DEIA initiatives that we believe so strongly in, as well as providing access to hiring more diverse crew members.

Founded in 2018 by an all-female management team, Crewvie is a digital platform that provides resources for productions, filling the gaps for veteran producers Brown and Volturno experienced in the field. They teamed up with leading software engineers Sandra Jimenez and Camille Alcasid to create an innovative interface for project management and productivity tools, which also enables the sharing of expertise and shared initiatives, such as sustainability, to to create tailor-made communities around a given project. Crewvie also gives studios the visibility and access to information needed to build high-performing, balanced teams, while adhering to strict privacy policies. Studios, organizations and productions increasingly rely on its comprehensive, easy-to-use applications to determine eligibility for awards and tax incentives, including the Academy’s Representation and Inclusion Standards. motion picture arts and sciences for Best Picture Oscar eligibility.


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