Ezbob Introduces New SaaS Platform to Respond to Changing Digital Banking Landscape



LONDON–(COMMERCIAL THREAD) – Ezbob Ltd., an innovator in customer acquisition technology for financial services, today announced the introduction of a new modular SaaS platform that responds to key industry trends. The company’s Ezbob Express â„¢ focuses on three important needs: giving financial service providers the flexibility to fill gaps in their digital transformation strategies, enabling them to make more complex and accurate credit and risk decisions in real time, and facilitate the growth of integrated finance. .

Ezbob’s new Express customer acquisition platform has a modular approach, allowing financial institutions with gaps in their digital channel to add the functionality needed to achieve a personalized digital experience. New modules include: UX and Process Design, Compliance and Authentication, Credit and Risk Decision, and Product Recommendation.

Since its inception, Ezbob has provided digital integration services to many well-known financial institutions including Santander, NatWest, Metro Bank, PayPal, Virgin Money, among others. With new technological advances in APIs, the emergence of integrated financial services has become an important area of ​​growth. Thanks to Ezbob Express’s robust API strategy, any business can now integrate a financial service into their purchasing process, such as opening accounts receivable, credit card applications, consumer and business loans. , overdraft facilities, asset financing and invoice financing.

As consumers’ expectations for instant services increase, the need for speed and accuracy in credit risk decisions has become another essential part of financial services. With Express’s proprietary new AI-enhanced decision algorithms that use big data, credit decisions can be made in real time, giving the customer an instant personalized offer.

Tomer Guriel, Founder and CEO of Ezbob, said: “It is essential for us to be in step with market developments and to offer solutions adapted to current demands. The conversations we have with customers confirm the acceleration of digital transformation due to the Covid19 pandemic, and the importance of smart customer acquisition. The consensus is that the application and onboarding process should be as easy and intuitive as Amazon and Netflix, and this is made possible through the use of analytics to deliver a better customer experience and improve profitability. Ezbob Express enables financial service providers to turn their customer onboarding into a streamlined and automated digital journey – reducing customer entries by 75% and increasing requests completed by 400% – a fast and transparent process.

About Ezbob. Ltd.

Ezbob offers Ezbob Express â„¢ a high-speed customer acquisition platform for financial services. It turns customer acquisition and onboarding into a fully automated digital process, increasing the number of completed requests and improving operational efficiency. Available as a modular intelligent front-end, its capabilities include: UX design, compliance and fraud verification, credit and risk decision making, and personalized product recommendations. The company is a pioneer in using advanced AI-powered analytics and Open Banking data to streamline and automate the customer acquisition process. Its clients are among the largest European banks. The company was founded in 2011 and is headquartered in London, UK, with a development office in Tel Aviv, Israel.



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