Facebook executive says ‘the people’, not the platform, to blame for vaccine misinformation


Facebook executive Andrew Bosworth said in an interview broadcast on Sunday that the burden of disinformation spreading on the social media platform was on individual users.

“I think Facebook has probably had the biggest COVID vaccination campaign in the world,” Bosworth told “Axios on HBO” when asked if he thought the reluctance to vaccinate would be the same with or without social media.

“What more can you do if some people who are going to get this real information from a real source choose not to get it?” ” he said.

“It’s their choice. They are allowed to do it,” he added. “You have a problem with these people. You don’t have a problem with Facebook. You can’t blame me.”

Bosworth is slated to become CTO of Meta, Facebook’s parent company, next year. He was involved in the company’s work around augmented and virtual reality.

President BidenJoe Biden Publicist ‘not associated’ with Kanye West at time of election incident: Trump spokesperson teases 2024 at Orlando event with O’Reilly Facebook executive says ‘people’, not platform, are to blame for the vaccine misinformation PLUS said in July that social media platforms were “killing people” because of misinformation about vaccines. “The only pandemic we have is among the unvaccinated. And they are killing people,” Biden said.

He softened his criticism days later, pointing the blame on the most prolific broadcasters of vaccine misinformation.

“Facebook doesn’t kill people, those 12 people are there to give out misinformation. Anyone who listens to it suffers. It kills people. This is bad news,” he said.

Bosworth told Axios it was undemocratic for a social platform to attempt to control people’s speech, even in cases where it could be damaging.

“I don’t believe the answer is ‘I will deny these people the information they are looking for and I will apply my will to them.’ It can’t be the right answer. It can’t be the democratic answer, “said Bosworth, noting that” the burden is and should be, in any meaningful democracy, on the individual. “

Last month a survey indicated that about 3 in 4 Americans say Facebook makes society worse. However, these respondents were still divided on where to place the blame.

Overall, 55% of people said they blamed the way “some people use Facebook” and 45% said they blamed “the way Facebook itself is run”.

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