Facebook Most Popular Social Media Platform Among UP Voters – iCubesWire Survey

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Facebook Most Popular Social Media Platform Among UP Voters – iCubesWire Survey

Posted on February 4, 2022

~~ Hindi is the most popular language for social media news in UP ~~

~~61% of respondents said political strategies on social media impact their voting preferences~~

The upcoming Assembly polls in Uttar Pradesh are bringing major changes to the way voters use their social media accounts.

According to a recent study, out of 1094 participants surveyed, 35% of respondents said they use Facebook to read about state politics, which is the highest among other social media platforms including Instagram, Youtube and Twitter with 14 %, 17% and 6% respectively.

The remaining 28% of respondents preferred all of the above platforms to find out what’s happening across the state. Among this share, 42% of respondents consume political information in Hindi, 34% in English and 24% prefer both languages.

“The upcoming elections in Uttar Pradesh are a big event for India as more than 250 million people are connected to their TVs and mobile phones to follow every update regularly. Our survey showed some interesting trends in this space, and in the future, we believe that more and more voters will switch to different social media platforms to follow political parties, leaders and their campaigns on social media,” said Mr. Sahil Chopra, Founder and CEO – iCubesWire.

When asked whether or not the social media strategy of political parties has an impact on the voting preferences of UP voters, 61% of social media users said that the different social media strategies of political parties have an impact on their voting preferences, while 19% denied it. Amid the pandemic, political parties have focused on digital campaigns and virtual rallies that have led to this gradual shift among voters in their voting preferences.

The election is also a major talking point among Indian voters on social media.

  • 68% of respondents said they interact with politicians on social media platforms
  • 85% of respondents also see ads related to political leaders, while indicating a strong following of popular politicians.
  • 31% of respondents watch news on social networks while 27% read them. The remaining 42% consume news in both video as well as in written form.
  • When asked on what basis these voters rated a political candidate, 26% said they watched it on TV, 15% read articles in newspapers, 26% preferred to search all social media platforms while 33% consider all of the above before making a choice.
  • 82% of respondents said they keep tabs on political candidates’ social media after the election is over. Among them, 79% also check the number of followers, likes, subscribers on a politician’s social network account.
  • Surprisingly, 80% of voters believe political advertising on social media platforms is a good way to keep voters engaged and inclined towards a political party, while the remaining 18% believe it is not.

This survey commissioned by iCubesWire was conducted in January 2022 to understand the sentiments of Indian voters on social media and was carried out over three weeks in Uttar Pradesh.


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