First pure-play digital fashion brand Dress X is launching a collection on Roblox


Dress X is the first retailer to use the new clothing layering feature in Roblox, allowing users to mix and match digital fashion styles. Previously avatars on the platform could only wear one 2D look – now those will be layered and 3D.

Launching on Friday, Dress X’s collection provides a template for how brands can create separate items that can be mixed and matched by users. The collection brings utility to Dress X apparel through its app, AR offerings, and now games.

Two-year-old digital fashion brand Dress X was the first to innovate in several areas. Giving its users the ability to try on virtual clothes in its app and wear digital clothes on platforms like Zoom, it has bridged several gaps between digital clothes and the real world. Other materials, such as lenses, that are needed to “wear” digital clothing on digital platforms are still under development. Facilitating AR testing through a phone camera has proven to be a much simpler solution for tech companies.

Because digital wearables are meant to be interoperable or work across different platforms like video games and through AR technology, their value is more evident when there are more platforms for users to wear them on. Until now, games like Roblox didn’t allow layered clothing. Instead, certain clothing and accessories were limited to certain characters and similar to a skin, and could not be layered.

With the new layered clothing feature, clothing will be able to adapt to any character, whether it’s a dinosaur or a humanoid. There is now an abstraction layer inspired by rocket science between the garment and the character, allowing the garment to set different rules depending on which character is going to wear it. While this seperation of clothing might sound interesting as an NFT application, the blockchain element of NFTs would not add anything to the Roblox platform.

The Dress X Metaverse clothing collection for Roblox consists of 12 items crafted specifically for the platform. Styles include casual wear, like sweatshirts, as well as special art collections featuring the work of Katsushika Hokusai, for example, and festive items like themed annual wear. Photo dress up for Instagram and instant AR dress up using items are also offered in the Dress X app.

As the Roblox community can also create clothing, the new layering capability provides a new opportunity for brands and users to create new in-game looks. According to Roblox, over 2,000 user-created clothing and accessories have been submitted to its Avatar store by the community over the past few weeks.

Currently, Roblox has over 230 million registered players on the platform, with at least 30 million players online daily.

According to Christina Wootton, Vice President of Global Brand Partnerships at Roblox, digital fashion plays a big role in how the gaming community expresses itself. “We are very impressed with how quickly Dress X has adopted our brand new Layered Clothing technology, launched a week ago, which powers hyper-realistic and inclusive 3D clothing suitable for any body type. With about One out of five with active members of our community updating their avatars daily, it’s not at all surprising to see the genuine interest our users have in this cutting-edge collection,” she said.

For the founders of Dress X, the collection represents another step towards a future where anyone, anywhere can wear digital fashion on any platform. “We believe that 3D fashion apparel should be easily accessible to wear at various digital events and social gatherings, the same way we access physical closets in real life,” said Daria Shapovalova and Natalia Modenova, co – founders of Dress X.

With interoperability still a distant feature for many fashion brands that have launched digital collections, Dress X shows that brands can leverage their identity across platforms and gain new fans.


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