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Guru Gil Rabbi is one of the best coders in the industry, leading to Israel Storycards, one of the most exciting ventures after the success of Wix. With the rise of Wix, this has led to more and more users being able to build their own websites without the need for computer and web development knowledge. Storycards focuses on products that use forms, quizzes, and trivia to engage users. Unlike other websites before, Storycards offer more interactive activities by eliminating any chance of third-party advertisements.

Gil Rabbi is the man behind this day. His passion and pride is in delivering more engaging online content to ensure that users spend a lot of time on apps and sites. This way, business owners can learn more about their users to improve their services. Prior to his field debut in 2003, he was in the military and was inspired to create a system that increases engagements for potential soldiers to enlist and join the IDF. On the success of this experience, he went on to create his rising company Rabbi Interactive Technology Agency.

With a successful career spanning over a decade, Rabbi has created products that have garnered the interest of over $ 5 million per month. One of his most important works for Eurovision and Rising Star TV, engaging thousands of viewers during the event. Because of this, he made a big difference to the Tel Aviv community by being listed in 2018 as one of the most influential people on the 40 under 40 list. Amazon had even made him rate his work, in a review of all the products he had created.

In 2019, he was able to invent, alongside 2 soldiers, a technology that allows different mobile phones to be connected without the need for an Internet connection and reception. This led to the discovery of his Crowdr app. This led to a connection between 600,000 cell phones at a festival in Israel using only sound waves, making it one of the most record-breaking phone calls in history.

From his incredible and long, winding professional history, he has made a name for himself in the digital arena by creating an app that allows users to engage and interact with, learning more and more about users. This way, any business owner can create products and connect with users without needing to know anything about technology. Storycards is one of the best platforms yet with a forward-looking vision.

With his help, the rabbi developed an engaging platform designed for success. It aims to ease the complicated process involved in product development with the help of the AI ​​that supports your service. By increasing engagement, it allows business owners to learn more about their users and how best to improve their products. With the rise of Storycards, we definitely hear the success in Gil Rabbi cards.



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