Girls.Buzz presents the exclusive multilingual digital platform for women


April 23, 2022 5:33 p.m. STI

New Delhi [India], April 23 (ANI/PNN): Digital platform, Girls.Buzz presents an exclusive multilingual platform. Their website provides a welcoming and friendly environment for women to communicate, ask questions, and share whatever they want. This women’s empowerment platform is both a repository of resources and a stage to advance the work and ideas of women from different fields and backgrounds.
This platform provides a safe space where women can come together, have fun and share their issues. They offer the best women’s blogs covering everything from career and professionalism to lifestyle and fashion. In their popular women’s blogs they have answers to all questions. One can also voice their opinions, discuss their thoughts, and read blogs related to them. It allows people to start and participate in interesting discussions while allowing them to discover themselves to their full potential.
Speaking about the brand, co-founder Chhavi Sharma said, “During the pandemic, I realized that resources related to women were so scattered. There is a spike in young female entrepreneurs looking for a digital stage to drive their growth. The idea was to build a digital platform to empower women by empowering them. The first step in this direction was to keep women up to date on everything and nothing that concerned them. Our team is a group of aspiring women from different cities with different backgrounds ranging from working mothers to college students.”

“We intend to help women to present themselves in society and work according to their choice and voice their opinion. Through this initiative of providing the platform, we aim to meet the needs of “a wide range of women who have the potential to earn and do something great in life. In the future, I plan to develop our app which will be easy to access,” she added.
This women-only, multilingual digital platform serves as a resource center and platform for Indian women. They can also browse tens of thousands of articles written by women. Women’s social media accounts serve as a platform to promote promising women leaders and provide a forum for women to come out and encourage other women.
They all feature entertaining contests, informative live sessions, guest blogger sites, delicious recipes and so much more! They are still working to broaden their horizons and break down language barriers by adding the new “Regional” area to their website to ensure that no woman in any corner feels left out. This means people can consume content in their native language, with a touch of warmth and affection!
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