Global Digital Asset Trading Platform Currick Launches Smart Arbitrage System, Opens Global Airdrops


Global Digital Asset Trading Platform Currick Launches Smart Arbitrage System, Opens Global Airdrops

After collecting user feedback and several rounds of internal testing, currickthe innovative digital asset trading platform, launched the smart arbitrage system to help users better manage their digital assets.

Registered in the United States of Colorado, Currick’s core team consists of early Bitcoin evangelists and technical experts from leading technology companies. As an innovative digital asset trading platform, Currick continues to optimize the trading experience and provide more quality services to blockchain enthusiasts around the world.

At the same time, in order to appreciate users, Currick launched a global airdrop program on July 25, the program that offers 10 USDT rewards to new registered users and promoters and offers up to 75% off negotiation rates for traders.

As an open digital asset trading platform with a global strategic vision, Currick has deployed its physical business globally. It also combines the core blockchain technology with the core business of the exchange. In order to achieve openness and transparency, Currick launched the data function on the channel as soon as it was operated, winning the favor and trust of the majority of users.

Since its inception, Currick has continuously introduced services that meet user needs and has grown in the context of an ever-changing financial market. Currick has introduced a comprehensive asset management system and almost all traditional tokens to deal with complex, diverse and differentiated fund management strategies. This positioning and strategy has given the platform more opportunities to explore more diverse capital markets.

In the interests of user asset security, Currick has released a combined hot and cold wallet asset storage mechanism, multiple asset verification procedures, and innovative asset encryption algorithms to minimize the risk of user assets. and provide a secure trading environment.

Based on rigorous teams, professional business service process and good business experience, Currick has introduced strict internal management principles and implemented accurate parts upload auditing mechanism to provide quality services to platform users, forming a trend of good money chasing bad.

As a true multi-asset digital asset trading platform, Currick has highlighted the diverse blockchain culture, created and upheld by environmental protection, health and safety guidelines, encouraged diverse groups and diverse thinking. The platform has also created stable and sustainable returns through careful investment and stimulated forward-looking and innovative thinking under strict risk control. Going forward, Currick will engage in capital market management with an aggressive mindset and strive to build the platform into an internationally competitive capital management company.

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