Google introduces a new flight pricing tool in its improved travel search engine


According to a blog post published on Monday, Google has now updated its trip planning features. Customers will now be able to obtain information on flight and accommodation prices up to six months in advance.

When searching for flights on Google Flights, price tracking is automatically enabled between your two departure and arrival cities. Once you have chosen to adjust the filters, there will be a selection that says “follow price”. Using the “any date” option, Google will now send you alerts if its algorithm detects a lower rate within three to six months of your request.

Photo credit: Pixabay

Photo credit: Pixabay

Google has also developed updates for its Google Maps app for drivers who need to reach their destinations. The Explore Tool function allows you to explore cities around the world according to travel budget and duration. Now the feature will automatically default to flight prices, but now a pink dot and bubble will appear saying “Explore Nearby”. This feature displays remote locations along with nearby accommodation prices and local weather forecasts.

Another feature of the new upgrades, users can enter a landmark or address in the “hotel and vacation rental search bar” and see a selection of places to stay within a thirty minute walk or by car. You can also bookmark hotels or rental properties in case you need to plan future trips to your desired destination.

Google is constantly moving with the times to provide users with a more rewarding experience on the go. The improvements should make way for a more efficient way to travel.


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