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Google has major concerns about paid content published in its search results. Recently, the search engine giant was seen mentioning how such behavior could well undermine trust.

The company’s UK policy officer explained how such payments really put the reputation and integrity of the company at risk and it’s not something they’re willing to go for. the front.

But this is not the only problem encountered by Google. They also aren’t too happy with the upcoming security bill, as they believe giving an exemption to news publishers would hurt Google’s goals. On top of that, they added how such behavior would prevent the platforms from acting at a rapid pace and removing content that they believe violates its policies.

Clearly, the gesture would be seen as prioritizing people’s freedom of expression over any other right. Another similar point was raised regarding publications highlighted as specialists who would no longer get any safeguard rights as had been the case in the past.

Many arguments have arisen on the topic, including one where so many people started talking about how most Google users went there to check or confirm if something was right or wrong.

Many people have since mentioned how important it is to understand the difference between a social media platform and a search engine giant. The two clearly cannot be put together and do not deserve the same rights because they have completely different functions. Obviously, we trust one more than the other.

As we speak, governments in the US, UK and even Canada are conducting investigations into how big tech companies are forcing publishers to pay for their media content from which they get the most benefit. . These companies include Duopoly, Facebook and Google.

People would have a lot of trust and belief in these search engines and they are willing to go the extra mile to ensure that the results produced are good enough. But Google has analyzed how one factor that really forces trust to crumble is the payment in scattered links on these search engines.

The fact that someone even thinks they can pay their way to the top of Google’s search engine has really bothered so many people and they feel the time has come to say it won’t be allowed.

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