Google wants to improve its search engine with a series of widgets


Although Google’s search engine homepage has a minimalist look, free from any distractions beyond our search, it may change in the future.

It looks like the Google team is testing a series of widgets for the desktop version of the search engine.

Google is testing widgets on the desktop version of its browser

As mentioned in Android Central, Google is testing a series of widgets on the search engine’s main page. These widgets have the same style as the maps found at the bottom of Bing, Microsoft’s web browser.

And no, it’s not related to the Discover widgets, found in the Google app on Android. Dynamics is more like Windows 11 widgets as they intend to cover different topics of interest to the user. For example, one of the widgets is dedicated to the weather, depending on the user’s location.

And a series of widgets dedicated to trends, content to watch on streaming platforms, news, local events, among other options, will also be displayed. And it will be enough to position the cursor on one of the widgets so that it develops and displays the corresponding information.

And with this list of widgets there will be the option to disable them to return to the classic version of the Google home page. At the moment it is only a test, so only some users have noticed this change in the Google search engine.

We will therefore have to wait to see this widget system in operation. These can be a series of default widgets or can be customized based on user activity. It’s also unclear whether the Google team plans to extend this new dynamic to everyone, or it will be just one of many tests that are being done to test new user experiences.


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