Government proposes nat’l framework to boost use of blockchain


The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) has released a national strategy on the adoption of blockchain technology for government systems, especially e-governance services. The 52-page document released on Friday aims to “create trusted digital platforms through shared blockchain infrastructure” and to promote “research and development, innovation, technology and application development” around the technology.

Blockchain is the underlying technology of cryptocurrencies and is used to create applications for the third generation of the Internet (web3)

The National Blockchain Strategy provides an overview of government strategies and offers recommendations for the creation of digital platforms.

The ministry has identified 44 key areas where blockchains can be applied, including land and property transfer, digital certificate management, pharmaceutical supply chain, electronic notary services, electronic voting, smart grid management and electronic health records management. The paper also took into consideration blockchain-based platforms operated by governments in China, Brazil, the United Arab Emirates and Europe, and highlights various government blockchain initiatives that are underway.

“The potential of blockchain technology can be explored in public digital platforms offered in various sectors such as agriculture, health and energy to meet heightened security requirements,” he added.

The ministry also recommended the formation of a national blockchain framework that can be used in areas such as health, agriculture, education and finance. According to the document, “a geographically distributed nationally shared infrastructure” is needed to “enable large-scale citizen services and enable the development of cross-domain applications.”

The research components of the platform will be developed with intermediate milestones comprising a basic framework for the implementation and integration with existing infrastructure and services, reference implementations of real projects and sandbox environments for develop and test applications. “The national blockchain strategy provides a holistic framework for building a blockchain infrastructure for the nation. We as an industry look forward to working with government, ”said Ashish Singhal, Founder and CEO of Coinswitch Kuber, a crypto exchange.

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