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GREENVILLE – Transcom, a global customer and technical support provider, may soon announce a planned North American headquarters in Greenville.

The company is still considering a “couple” of cities, according to its North American operations chief, but declined to say exactly where and how many. An official announcement is expected before the end of the year. The search, which began in the spring, initially included around 125 potential locations. Representatives from Transcom visited Greenville in May and visited the region again in mid-October.

Transcom’s careers web page lists a vacant position for a trainer with a requirement that applicants be “located near our site in Greenville, SC”. This job was also posted on LinkedIn around October 22 with the job location listed as “Greenville, SC”. Web searches show two other open positions in Greenville on the Transcom website active and accepting applicants but not directly related elsewhere, including Director of Customer Services / Vice President of Customer Services and the recruiting director.

Additionally, a Transcom post on the website about two months ago sought an onsite Human Resources Manager “at our Greenville, SC site, which is currently under construction and slated to open. at the end of the current year “. This indicates that the position has been filled. A landing page on the Transcom Applications website indicates that the publication is inactive.

Transcom Worldwide AB, based in Stockholm, Sweden, has around 30,000 employees in around 20 countries. The company offers a wide range of remote business process services, including customer interaction, technical support, sales and credit management services, according to its website. It currently has around 150 customers and boasts 1.5 million customer interactions every day in up to 33 languages.

The push for a new location has been driven by significant recent growth according to Donald Berryman, Executive Vice President and Commercial Director of Transcom for North America.

“We are really here because we have huge opportunities,” said Berryman. “North America is the largest consumer market in the world, and we serve more of our customers here for our services both in North America, in nearshore and offshore locations, as well as in Europe. . “

The finalists shared two main attributes: an existing pool of potential employees and a convenient and attractive area for customers to visit. Approximately 300 employees will be hired to open the new location, increasing to 500 within 12 to 18 months. Berryman said the long-term vision could extend to 1,000 employees at multiple sites within a single business park.

“We need a community that has a good workforce that can hire 1,000 for the long term,” he said. “We don’t want to move from community to community. We really want to find a place and stay there for a long time.”

Transcom will use a hybrid model for the new center, with employees both in the office and working from home. While some of the catalysts in this plan relate to the pandemic, the model fits the roles of remote customer and corporate customer service.

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“I like to say that we were working from home before working from home was cool,” said Kyla Starks, vice president of account management at Transcom. “We have over 3,000 people working from home in the United States and Canada. Opening up a brick and mortar hybrid way allows us to have the best of both worlds. “

Berryman expects employees hired for the new location will see an 80/20 or 70/30 time split between home and office. Starks said the COVID-19 pandemic has changed not only the industry, but the preferences of the entire workforce.

“Our foundation, which we hope to start maybe here in Greenville, will give people that face they seek while continuing the flexibility COVID has shown them they can have within their families,” he said. she declared.

Berryman and Starks both indicated that the local business community was the reason the upstate was on the expansion’s shortlist.

“The business leaders who took the time to meet with us and tell us what is wonderful about running a business here have really been extremely helpful to us,” said Starks. Berryman mentioned local technical and higher education institutions as a positive, as well as the Greenville Chamber of Commerce and a general sense of collaboration.

One factor playing in Greenville’s favor but out of its control: the weather. Berryman said the new location needed a mild climate that was not often sensitive to weather events that could cause communication outages.

“In our business, this is a very bad thing,” Berryman said.

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