Greg Gutfeld: CNN facts are very similar to their opinions, in this it is not facts



So: do you want to hear a funny opinion? This Don Lemon does not make an opinion.

PBS “Firing Line”, June 18: “I’m not making an opinion. And I know – the difference for me is I’m making a point of view. So I’m giving my point of view as an American, as a black man who happens to be gay. , through this lens. But I am also – I am also – I also represent CNN. And so I have to tell the truth. And if I don’t, if my facts are wrong, then I have to clarify it, and I have to come on TV, and I have to apologize, and I say, “I was wrong.”

So he tells you what he bases his opinions on, at the same time he tells you that he does not give opinions. Just a point of view. Find out what point of view means… it means opinion! But let’s be honest: CNN’s facts are very similar to their opinions: in this, they are not facts.

And seriously, Don Lemon is not doing any opinions? Yeah, and the Olive Garden doesn’t make breadsticks. And the riots are peaceful. And the crime does not explode. And Kat Timpf isn’t hammered out of copy toner right now.

You know what they say about opinions. Opinions are like holes. Everyone has one. And you know what they say about holes with opinions? They probably work at CNN.

Imagine taking everything Lemon says for granted. I think CNN did an ad on it. Much like Brian Stelter’s hairline – which hasn’t aged well. And neither do the so-called Lemon facts – otherwise known as deranged babbling.

Lemon: “You are the Commander-in-Chief, the President of the United States of America, the greatest country in the world. Act like this” // Lemon: “The President of the United States is an impostor and a crook” / / Lemon: “The President of the United States is racist, many of us already knew that. // Lemon: “If you voted for Trump, you voted for the person the Klan was supporting. You voted for the person the Nazis are supporting. “// Lemon:” They love racism. They love misogyny. They like it all because if they didn’t, they wouldn’t support it. “// Lemon: Democratic cities are in chaos right now. Is that what you expect from Joe Biden? And they will take your country and they’ll shoot the statues down. Cuomo: Crime rises as they fund the police Lemon: Oh my God, this is so bad and they fund the police. It’s like phew (Lemon rolls his eyes )

If you brought this guy within a mile of a lie detector, he would explode. I haven’t seen so many bad opinions since the first reviews of this hit show.


So why is he so defensive in expressing his opinions? This seems to be a central part of his identity: his emotional assessment of things. Why can’t he say, “Hi, my name is Don Lemon, and I have more opinions than a taxi driver addicted to methamphetamine?”

Instead, we have to laugh at his nightly denials. After me, he’s the funniest late-night host on TV. Perhaps this is a defensive response to our specific criticism of CNN. And we are only trying to help them. A strong CNN makes Fox News stronger. Competition builds character. That’s why my debate coach made me fight for pencils. (They were still in his front pocket.)

So with a weak opponent like CNN, it is more difficult to build your own muscles. It’s like the gym. You need heavy weights to build strength. And CNN is like those rubber bands that old ladies use in arthritis commercials. And like these groups, you can only stretch the truth so far before it breaks.

But, at this point – it’s almost unfair to comment on CNN – it’s like bashing the deceased at a funeral. But they deserve it. They refuse to admit that they are agenda driven – and the agenda is to stir up anger among citizens in order to keep their eyes on their misery. That their grades are lower than a snake’s should be good news for all of us.

Yet they must maintain the belief that they are telling the truth because everything else they do is built on it. If you lie all the time – then tell the truth – half of CNN viewers will suddenly understand that you were lying to them before. And you turn off. And boom, there’s half your audience – about the size of the Hegseth family.

Last week I pointed out the difference between us and CNN’s Decepticons. We make it clear who is giving an opinion and who is reporting a story. Take me and Bill Hemmer. He’s a journalist who delivers the product straighter than Perino’s teeth. I’m an opinion guy who looks great in a pastel speedo. Follow me on Instagram.

How does Don Lemon see this obvious “fact”?

PBS “Firing Line”, June 18: So that’s a difference between what I do and what someone does, as you mentioned, on Fox News. I operate from a place of truth. Everything is based on facts, and everything is based on the evidence that exists. ”

The key words are “over there”. It is a dodge – he can lie because the lie comes from the truth that exists. And it is this defense that has allowed CNN to push the destructive gall on law enforcement, on the decimation of our cities because of the leftist policies that CNN is parading as progress.

But imagine if CNN hadn’t embraced the “police are racist” theme. And had looked at the data. If I could do it, so would Lemon. But he did not do it. Because if he did, Zucker could do it faster than hooking up peaches.

Imagine if they hadn’t portrayed half of America as white supremacists. I mean, there are Black and Brown Trump supporters, but they didn’t count. At least for Lemon. Imagine if they saw how such divergent opinions created a climate that pitted people against each other – resulting in billions of riot damage. Oh how they laughed at this crime, you saw it.


If only they hadn’t waited until it affected Biden’s chances of being elected, to take the bloodshed seriously. The climate of division led to a palpable subversion of law enforcement, resulting in reduced police interactions in communities most in need of their help. The results – a massive spike in shootings and murders. The death of innocent minorities, in cities left to rot by the left … Which was inspired by … CNN.

But I guess that’s just a review, right? But this is an opinion based on the truth. Of facts. I mean, if Lemon can tell, me too. But at least I’m honest enough to say that’s my opinion. It’s time for Lemon to do the same.

This article is adapted from Greg Gutfeld’s opening monologue in the June 23, 2021 edition of “Gutfeld!”



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