How BitClout could change the world of social media


We’ve all seen Youtube stars who are broke in real life, or Tik Tok darlings who amass huge numbers of fans, just to find out that they’ve made another job for themselves by simply creating content with no return. Building an audience is no small feat – it takes a lot of work, effort, planning, and time. Content creators looking to build an audience without a clear monetization plan can find themselves energetically and financially exhausted.

BitClout merged cryptocurrency with social media, allowing content creators to earn money to build an audience. Because it’s decentralized, there’s no censorship or central ownership of creator content. Essentially, BitClout is a stock market for people’s personal brands. It is designed to allow people to bet on the popularity of influencers and celebrities by purchasing tokens linked to profiles. People can then monitor the evolution of the value of a designer’s coin.

One of the main users of BitClout is HighKey Enterprises, a personal branding company in the United States, created by Luke Lintz and his older brother and business partner, Jordan Lintz. HighKey is an influencer management agency that provides brands with explosive growth opportunities on the most popular touchpoints of social media.

When Lintz heard about BitClout, he immediately fell in love with the idea. According to Luke, being able to invest in the “weight” of people is the future. Lintz believes that BitClout will open even more doors for the development of social media and cryptocurrency. Having the ability to own a piece of your social presence has never been possible before. Since its launch, BitClout has drawn people from Youtuber Jake Paul to venture capitalist Chamath Palihapitiya. The individual with the highest Creator Coin at the time of this writing is Elon Musk – although he has yet to officially join the platform.

Curious about how to add value to your BitClout?

Lintz’s biggest suggestion is to never stop creating value. As with any social media platform, adding value ensures that you continue to grow and stay relevant. “You can do this by staying consistent and making sure you’re interactive,” Lintz explains. “On BitClout in particular, it’s about posting often with an added benefit to your coin holders. This consistency shows that you believe in the platform enough to invest your time and energy in it. The added benefit to your wallets is that you produce something unique to your brand. Ideally, this should be aligned with what you want to be known for. For us, an example is that we give our top 10 coin holders a first glimpse of the next celebrities we bring to the platform, ”Lintz explains.

In addition, there are some important factors involved in the capitalization of its brand. “Celebrities already have value in their name when mass users come,” he explains. “It’s the people who stay active from the start as first arrivals who will benefit the most. »Stay active, publish content consistently, engage with your audience, and react to new features such as the release of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which are digital assets that can be bought and sold.

Finally, since BitClout is quite new compared to other platforms, you will have to work to attract your audience. Offer incentives, exclusive material, posts, or contests to get your audience to move around and get them used to interacting with you there.

BitClout may be worth reviewing (if you haven’t already) if you’re a content creator and building an audience.

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