How to find out someone’s name from their phone number


you can search in special pages or search engines on the Internet, like Google. But we can also try to find information in messaging applications or chats that allow us to know who is behind a specific mobile phone.

Use search engines

This is the easiest way and the one we will always recommend first. Use Google. This won’t always work with private phones, but it will be able to detect or find someone’s name through their phone if they have already left it in a public document. For example, if your data on Facebook is public and your phone number is stored there. Or if it appears in a list of public information. In these cases, we can easily find it. In addition, we will also find the number if it is from a store, company, etc.

All you have to do is type the phone into the Google search engine. If you enter a mobile phone into Google, it will automatically search for matching results. A trick is that use country code (in Spain the code is +34) so ​​that there is no confusion with users from other countries. Any businesses, rental apartments, or any store or individual whose number is published on the Internet will appear. You will only have to enter the numbers into the search engine and wait for a matching result to appear.

We can also tell if the number is spam because other users previously reported Whether it’s a scam or a number trying to sell you something. It will hardly take us a minute and we can get out of doubt and throw away. Also, we will usually be able to find the person’s name if it is irrelevant or if their number appears publicly.

Use specialized websites

All our life we ​​have had these telephone directories at home with thousands of pages where you can find any telephone number with the name and surname of the person to whom it corresponds. It used to be enough to search using the alphabetical order of the list… But now this has been modernized and there are web pages where we can search for a phone without turning pages and pages.

Yellow Pages

Yellow Pages and White Pages… The classic book you had at home, but it also has its web version where you can search for any phone number. Of course, keep in mind that not everyone gives permission to be on this list. Even so, we can easily use it from the web by viewing everything available there.

We just go to Yellow and we will see a box that allows us to search for phones and where. We put the name that interests us and the city and it will automatically do a global searchI. Although it should be kept in mind that the Yellow Pages are more focused on businesses and businesses and the White Pages used to be dedicated to information about individuals and the web as such no longer exists but there are many alternatives that work like a directory.

Yellow Pages

other pages

But there are other sites that allow you to search for information on a telephone number or even do the reverse search5: search for someone’s name to find out that person’s telephone number. Pages like PeekYou with a box where we can write what we are looking for and it will start analyzing all the data on the internet to give us a result. or similar is Spokeo with a box where you can enter a name, a phone number, address or email. When we’ve done that, we tap on “search now” to show us all possible results or matches found.


There are other websites in Spanish that let us know who is calling us. For example, ListaSpam is a page with a search engine where we can do reverse telephone searches: we write the number we want to know who it belongs to and it will give us an answer. Although it mainly focuses on the presentation of telemarketing and spam companies, we can know which number is calling us.

broadcast list

Check apps and social networks

Another highly recommended option is to check it through specialized apps. For example, on WhatsApp or on Facebook. If we save the number in WhatsApp, it is likely that the person to whom it belongs has saved their name or photo in the messaging application… This will depend on several factors: the Privacy settings that this person has, whether or not they have information about their name or simply if they want it to be known or not if they do not have you as a contact.

For example, how do you know in a group of neighbors or in your children’s class who is who? Can we find out a person’s name from their phone? Yes in some cases using WhatsApp. Not with others. If, for example, we go to the group in question on WhatsApp, we must touch the information and scroll down until you see “participants”. The phone number of all the participants who participate in this group chat will appear and on the right side of the number we will see if their name is there or not. As you can see in the image below, some people have their first name and even their last name. In other cases, this field is empty and it is impossible for us to use WhatsApp to find out who it is.


The same thing happens on Facebook, for example. We can search for a phone number in the app or webpage, but it won’t always come out. We just have to go to the web or app and in the search bar we write the number of the person we want to locate and the code of the area in which we think this person is or if they are in Spain (as we said before, enter 34 in front) If you linked it, the person who has the mobile number associated with the profile on the social network will appear. This will depend on whether that person has registered the mobile or linked to your profile or if you don’t have it.


If we want to do the reverse process (see the number of a person we added) we just need their profile and “informationwhere you can see all the data in contact details: email, Twitter account, etc.

As we say, it will depend on the person who decides whether or not to make this data visible in WhatsApp and Facebook or other similar applications such as Hangouts, so we are not always going to get a person’s name by their number .


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