How to use Researcher in Microsoft Word to find articles


Writing an essay and want to find a little more information to add to it without having to visit a browser? There is a function called Searcher which allows users to search for topics, find reliable sources, and add content with quotes in Microsoft Word. The Finder tool is powered by Bing and has a search tool to find what you want.

How to use the finder in Microsoft Word

Follow the steps below to use Researcher in Microsoft Word to find articles and essays:

  1. Launch Microsoft Word
  2. Click on References and select Researcher in the Research group
  3. A search pane will appear on the right
  4. Type a term in the search engine
  5. press enter
  6. Wait for the sources to load
  7. Choose a topic in the results pane
  8. Highlight the text in the results pane and select one of the following: Add or Add and quote
  9. A pop-up window will appear asking you to update your bibliography; select Update to automatically create a bibliography or update an existing bibliography.
  10. Now edit your quotes; select Edit citations from the drop-down menu.

To throw Microsoft Word.

Click on References and click on Searcher in the To research group.

A To research pane will appear on the right.

Type a term into the search engine.

hurry Enter.

We are now in the results pane. The results pane has three sections: Relevant topics, Main sources, and a search bar.

You can click More topics under the Relevant topics to find more relevant information about the term you want to search.

There is a plus sign on all results in the results pane. The plus sign allows the user to add a subject as a title or add a source as a citation.

If you click on a plus sign for a result under Relevant topics, Word will add the subject as a title in your document with a comment.

If you click on the plus sign under the section Main sources, it will add a source as a citation in your document. A pop-up window will appear asking you to create a bibliography; you can choose whether you want to create one or not.

If you choose to create a bibliography, the bibliography will appear in the document.

If you choose to add another source as a citation and your document has a bibliography, the pop-up will ask you to update the bibliography.

Under the Main sources section you will find three categories which you can select to search for information; these are All, journals, and websites.

How to use the finder in Microsoft Word

If you select a result and want to add some information from this website, highlight the text and select To add and Quote or add.

the Add and quote The option allows the user to add both text and a source as a quote.

After inserting the text and the citation into the document, you can edit the citation by clicking the button Quote, then click the drop-down button and click Edit citation; the quotes menu also includes Edit Source, Convert citation to static source, and Update citations and bibliography.

the To add The option only adds text to the document.

If you click Find sources at the top of the left corner of the panel, it will take you back to the Search pane and display a list of terms that people search often.

How do I display the Search pane in Word?

To open the search pane in Word, you will need to click on the Available Search button, where it will appear to the right of the window with a search bar to search for people, events, concepts, and places.

How do you use Finder in Word?

There isn’t much of a difference between using Researcher in Word and Word 365; they follow the same procedure, the difference is that the Finder icon has changed and the photo gallery is missing; the Word Researcher icon looks like a quotation mark, while the 365 Researcher icon looks like a book. In this tutorial, we explained how to use Researcher in Microsoft Word 365.

We hope this tutorial helps you understand how to use Researcher in Microsoft Word; If you have any questions about the tutorial let us know in the comments.


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