Israelis will pay only one internet company from 2022


From next year, the Israelis will only pay one company for internet service. Communications Minister Yoaz Handel on Sunday approved a plan to end a ruling demanding a split between internet providers and internet infrastructure companies. have a single address for purchasing Internet services and troubleshooting, ”said the Ministry of Communications. Current regulations require Internet infrastructure and services to be provided and billed by two separate companies. This often leads to poor customer service, as subscribers who call with a complaint are often told that the problem is the responsibility of the other company. and the service they will receive is tremendous, ”Handel said. “The Internet is one product. A previous reform of the “wholesale market” allowed the two services to be marketed in a single package, but in practice the services were also provided by two companies separately, which affected the quality of the consumer. services in Israel, the ministry noted. The decision to split the suppliers was taken 20 years ago in an attempt to increase competition in the field, but this has since been offset by problems, he added. “The split, which was significant at the time, has become a source of unrest, a proliferation of inactive subscribers and damage to customer service,” said Director General of the Ministry of Communications, Liran Avisar Ben-Hurin. “The new structure of the Internet market will allow consumers to enjoy quality services, and at the same time promote the wholesale market in a way that will ensure competition for the consumer’s heart.”


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