JD com: Digital procurement platform, save huge amount of resources


by Vivian Yang

JD Technology launched a new round of promoting its digital procurement services on September 17, with the goal of bringing blockchain-based technology to more SMEs and helping them move from paper to business. their business operations.

To date, JD’s digital contracting platform has helped manage over 4 billion contracts for more than 500,000 enterprise users. If a contract uses an average of 10 sheets of A4 paper, the platform has so far saved 40 billion sheets of paper, which is equivalent to saving 13 million trees and reducing more than 4 million tonnes of waste. carbon dioxide emissions.

A number of well-known Chinese companies such as Xiamen ITG Group Corp. recently adopted the platform, and estimates show that the service will help them save 80% of time in contract processing work and reduce contract signing costs by 60%.

Activated by digital certificates and a blockchain, the service ensures that all parties to a transaction can share the same view of a live contract, and every step and review of the contract is recorded, creating a tamper-proof audit trail. The blockchain system can also enable hashing on confidential contracts to ensure the security of the original document and the confidentiality of data.

As a single solution, the platform offers contract templates, digital stamps, electronic signature services, archiving and more. All data is strictly vetted before connecting to the platform and will continue to undergo rigorous examinations at every step of generation, transfer, storage and other actions to ensure data authenticity. Most importantly, the entire chain of evidence is synchronized with courts, notary offices and other judicial bodies, ensuring judicial validity and efficient contact management.

Aside from heavy technology, the platform is easy to use, as it supports multi-interfaces on computers, applications, Wechat mini program and more, as well as simultaneous actions of different people.

New users of the platform will not only benefit from discounts and a set of free services, but will also become a certified member of JD’s “zero carbon business” program.

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