Jumbo-SAL-Alliance provides a complete transport solution for transporting offshore platform modules


After months of planning and precision engineering, Jumbo Shipping, now part of Jumbo-SAL-Alliance, carried out the custom transport of offshore platform modules, including the accommodation module, helideck -shape and flare for client Kiewit Offshore Services, according to company information. Release.

The Fairmaster and her crew first mobilized in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, before sailing to Marystown, Canada, where all cargo items were loaded, carefully stowed and shipped to Ingleside, Texas for discharge. . Custom Solution The client was looking for a custom solution to transport their offshore modules safely, fully assembled and in one trip.

Due to the weight and size of the habitation module, the client was initially looking to ship all of their cargo via a RORO vessel or deck carrier. However, they were not keen on exposing their cargo to all weather elements at sea. The team convinced the client through the use of 3D simulation, stowage plan and detailed engineering that all of her cargo could fit safely aboard Jumbo’s Heavy Lift Vessel (HLV) while remaining within the ship’s parameters. Some of the cargo could be safely stowed below deck to protect it from the weather. Cargo stowed on deck would be exposed to minimal elements and g-forces at sea.

As well as having the cargo safely stowed, the Jumbo team also came up with a cost effective solution as the lifting would be executed using the ship’s own lifting equipment.

Upstream of the project, the technical teams were busy developing a complete logistics solution for the client, including engineering, risk assessments, approvals, complete project management and logistics planning. To accommodate the required deck space, the crew extended the deck of the Fairmaster using the ship’s steerage. All loading checks were done in 3D and on site, the actual clearances were perfect.

The engineering team is used to finding lifting solutions for any type of oversized equipment and this project was no different with each item of cargo requiring a custom and accurate rigging plan. For the habitation module, they used 160 t of rigging hardware (lifting beams, eyelets and shackles) in each crane to load the 1293 t module.

The entire operation at the loading and unloading sites was guided by Jumbo’s experienced Harbor Master, Peter Mathot. The Fairmaster and crew first loaded the flare boom weighing 145 tons and other project cargo items, securing them below deck in the hold. When the hatches were closed, the crew lifted the larger pieces using the two 1,500 ton capacity cranes. The helideck was first loaded on the ship’s foredeck, then the 144-person accommodation module weighing 1293 t and measuring 53 x 24 x 18 m was gently maneuvered between the pedestals of the two cranes. After loading the habitation module, two cargo items were also loaded onto the ship’s afterdeck.

Once the three large pieces and smaller ancillary equipment were all safely loaded aboard, the crew set sail for Ingleside, Texas where all cargo items were carefully unloaded.

About Jumbo-SAL-Alliance

Jumbo-SAL-Alliance stands for maritime logistics of all types of heavy lift, general cargo and projects in all markets. Side by side, two of the largest and most technically advanced heavy-lift carriers combine their strengths and resources to provide the best heavy-hauling solutions to customers around the world. Two united teams and two specialized fleets operate as one shared fleet. Customers benefit from hassle-free service, an experienced crew and streamlined business interaction. Jumbo-SAL-Alliance has full control of all its assets, i.e. 30 cargo ships dedicated to the project. With three DP2 ships, two range-extender fly-jibs, and eleven ice-class ships, the Alliance can reach almost anywhere and master the most demanding expanses. Jumbo-SAL-Alliance provides a highly flexible shipping solution and a wide range of services that exceeds any other project freight forwarding service available on the market. With lifting capacities of up to 3,000 t SWL, Jumbo-SAL-Alliance manages the largest fleet of vessels in the lifting segment over 800 t. This provides commercial bandwidth that ranges from rapid vessel positioning for smaller or larger single shipments, to large volume contracts to complete solutions for complex projects – all under one roof. A cohesive group of experienced people – sales, engineering, project management, QHSE – work closely with a combined network of agents and offices around the world to provide customers, whether EPCs, brokers, freight forwarders, OEMs, energy companies or others, a partnership mentality, expert advice and goods delivered safely.


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