Karishma Mehta: On digital art presentation and the pages to follow to help your content


Are Reels and Instagram Stories the future of movies? And how to share your knowledge on social networks

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I am a film student but I am disappointed with the documentary course I am doing. Do you think Reels and Insta stories will be a platform for background stories in the future?

—Arshita, Via Instagram

Absoutely! Art can be presented in any format. At Humans of Bombay, we tell life stories in 30 seconds! Keep an open mind while continuing your documentary journey; absorb the knowledge and then use that base to create with your authentic voice! Tackle as much as you can and you’ll discover more with each new experience.

shape of you

I am a 32 year old doctor who wants to share his knowledge on social networks. Can you suggest any good accounts to follow that can help shape my page?

—Rohan C, Delhi

Congratulations on taking the leap to doing more of what you love!

My recommendations:

1. Dr. Siddharth Bhargava 2. Dr. Malvika Iyer 3. Rujuta Diwekar 4. BeerBiceps (for articulation and positioning)

Good luck!

Karishma Mehta, @karimehta05 on Instagram, is a writer, photographer and founder and CEO of Humans of Bombay

From HT Brunch, February 13, 2022

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