Klarna rebrands as Stocard


Klarna, a leading global retail banking, payment and purchasing service that helps consumers save time and money, stay informed and stay in control, today unveiled the new “Klarna-fied” brand identity of Stocard, one of the world’s leading mobile wallet providers that allows consumers to have virtually all their loyalty cards in one place and receive personalized offers.

The rebranding marks the next step in Stocard’s integration into the Klarna ecosystem following its successful acquisition by Klarna in July 2021 and opens the doors to business and technology synergies between the two companies’ offerings.

David Handlos, Domain Lead and Founder of Stocard said: “We couldn’t have imagined a better home for Stocard than Klarna. We both share the same obsession with the customer and our new look and feel superbly expresses this common mission. With its tactile design language and captivating photography, Stocard’s new Klarna-fied branding both enhances our user experience and helps us better engage new audiences. And the brand is just the beginning. Our users and retailers can expect powerful new features as we tap into Klarna’s vast pool of talent and resources.

The Stocard app allows consumers to virtually store all their loyalty cards, collect coupons and rewards, receive personalized offers and even make mobile payments with a virtual prepaid card. For retailers, the Stocard app offers a powerful data-driven channel to engage consumers, drive traffic, sales and loyalty, and understand consumer preferences.

The Stocard app will continue to be available free of charge to its 47 million active consumers in 45 markets and will be enhanced with new features as it integrates deeper into Klarna’s platform. At the same time, the Stocard team will provide domain expertise to Klarna’s product teams and develop new features in the Klarna app, the first of which will be revealed in the very near future.

David Fock, Chief Product Officer of Klarna, commented: “At Klarna, we want to help consumers save time and money every time they pay, whether online or in-store. With its smart mobile wallet solution, Stocard delivers on this promise, making it the perfect addition to the Klarna family. By putting the consumer at the heart of every interaction, Klarna has flipped the script on how a bank should act, and this is reflected in our “Smoooth” appearance. With Stocard’s rebranding, we now bring the ‘Smoooth’ experience to Stocard consumers and retailers around the world. Beyond significantly expanding Klarna’s global footprint to a colossal 47 million consumers in 25 new markets, including 1.7 million in the UK, the acquisition of Stocard also enables us to integrate the deep intelligence contained in Stocard’s payment and marketing technology in the Klarna app, with exciting new features to be announced very soon.

Alongside Toplooks, HERO, APPRL, Inspirock and most recently PriceRunner, the acquisition of Stocard adds another complementary pillar to Klarna’s unparalleled product offering. Spanning virtual shopping, content creation and dynamic ads to travel planning and mobile wallets, Klarna’s acquisitions deliver on the promise of saving time and money to over 147 million consumers and help its more than 400,000 retailers engage their target audience even more effectively. Omnichannel services such as the Stocard app have become essential for winning over and retaining a new generation of shoppers, especially for retailers who want to seamlessly connect their online and in-store shopping experience.


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