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Killer (real name Kevin, formerly Karrion) Kross and partner Scarlett Bordeaux were guest of Renee Paquette on the last Oral sessions, and they wasted no time getting into the couple’s exit from WWE last month.

Scarlett was surprised, but Kross said he had a feeling they might get let go. He also indicates that part of him was almost glad it was over.

“To be honest with you, I felt like it was going to happen. I felt that the situation could have been recovered, with my presentation on the main roster … I felt that it could have been salvaged. It’s fiction, and in the world of fiction, the possibilities are endless. But I was like, yeah, I had a weird feeling that night, right at the start, I feel like that’s the direction it’s going. It was like a feeling of disappointment, but it was also a feeling of relief. “

Many fans also felt it came from when the then undefeated NXT Champion made his debut on Raw with a loss. Kross explained to Renee how he tried to deal with the situation:

“When I got upstairs and they asked me to make the match with Jeff and put him on, I was like, ‘Sure, I’m fine.’ I grew up being a fan of Jeff, and meeting him and being cool was a great experience for me. He’s literally one of the coolest people I have ever met. So I ‘was like,’ This is good. ‘ One of the agents came over to me and said, “Hey, there’s a long term plan for this, so don’t worry, don’t worry.” Okay, cool.

“I walk in and out, the referee comes up to me and says ‘Hey, your 10 minute game is reduced to 90 seconds’ … The first time we work on TV, we don’t know each other not really. the other in the ring, our rhythm. They come back from the pub and I try not to laugh. If you see, if you go back to look at him, I smile. Like my mouth shut, trying to hold it back. that Jeff got in the ring, I grabbed him and just called out what we had to do and that was it.

“But when I got back to NXT the next day, I spoke with someone there and I just said, ‘Look, my biggest fear right now, my biggest phobia is that there is a hole that’s dug for me, and I’m nervous that if I’m not allowed to get out on my own and people refrain from creating the situation – I won’t be a return on investment, I’m going to get fired. So what do you think I should do? Because part of that business is doing what you’re told. My intuition told me that everything was off. Everything was going wrong, and I sensed that something wrong was happening four months before it happened. But everyone I was talking to was like, ‘Oh, no, everyone loves you. That’s good, you don’t have a problem, ”but I felt it coming. I tried, as professionally, politely as possible, to talk to people in the chain of command about it … I just tried to be a good sport.

Bordeaux explained why she didn’t debut with her fiance: WWE wanted her to wrestle besides being Kross’ manager, then she broke an implant while wrestling dark and Main event matches. The couple went on to discuss other differences between their NXT presentation and the infamous changes to the main roster.

Kross: I received an email with what it should look like. Apparently the music was supposed to change, the entry was supposed to change, and it was supposed to be like an upgraded version.

Scarlett: Evolve something good into something different and better.

Kross: When I saw the photo, I showed it to her – and I started to laugh. I said, “I can be comfortable wearing this, but it’s not going to stop in 2021.”

Scarlett: It’s confusing because why is the music that I sing still there. And then there is a mask there, but there is no explanation. So sometimes if there’s a promo as to why all of a sudden he’s wearing a mask, why does Scarlett always sing. But when there is no explanation, people feel like something has been taken away from them. On the other hand, if it had been a new song and a whole new presentation, people would have said, “Okay, this is new”, but it was just like a cut down version of what it was.

Kross: I see it that way – no one wants to have a reputation for being difficult to work with. No one wants to have a reputation for being a brand for themselves or not wanting to do business. Here I am, I personally had the dream experience in NXT. I walked in there, my ideas were adopted, we collectively collaborated on things … As a professional I felt inclined to embrace these ideas that were given to me because that’s all I ‘was getting in NXT. If I had an idea, and had something to say or had an idea that I wanted to contribute something to, it was always greeted with enthusiasm. Or if they thought the idea wasn’t great, they would improve it. So I was like, ‘I kind of owe them to engage them with this.

Scarlett: We were also ready, when we signed up to WWE – we were like, we trade creative freedom so we can finally have a steady income. We got our home because of WWE. We were so grateful to even have a job during the pandemic when people we knew, I had family members who lost their jobs … and people were struggling in the independent scene. So we were very grateful for everything we were given. We have tried to take that perspective no matter what. We thought, “It’s not our money, no matter what, we’re going to make the most of whatever it is”, so we tried to take it.

Paquette asked how to deal with Vince McMahon’s team on Raw and Triple H’s team in NXT, and if there had been any interaction.

Kross: As was explained to me, two separate entities. Like NXT really couldn’t interfere or grow, or even be involved in whatever was going on for the main roster from a creative standpoint. Because I was in transition, there was nothing to do, they just said, “Ask a lot of questions. “

Scarlett: They are indeed two different brands … and we were ready for it. I think we were confident in our abilities – promotional work, wrestling – we can get whatever they give us.

She didn’t even have the chance to help complete the act Raw before being made redundant in November. The duo already have a few wrestling reservations, and Kross is said to have some cinematic work in the works. So maybe everything was for the best.

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