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CitrusAd’s digital media platform available in MarinOne

Through Candace BorenNovember 17, 2021

In the few years since its launch in 2017, CitrusAd has become the fastest growing e-commerce advertising network in the United States and has established itself as a preferred retail media platform for consumers. brands and retailers like Lowes, Shipt and Petco.

In fact, CitrusAd was ranked in the highest category in Forrester’s recent report on Retail Media Solutions, receiving some of the highest possible scores. It’s easy to see why brands choose to spend their Retail Media money with CitrusAd and their network of retailers.

The Unique Benefits of CitrusAd

CitrusAd enables brands and retailers to work together to increase sales by launching targeted and profitable digital campaigns with access to sponsored products, display media, landing pages and landline rentals for the best placement. Advertisers can streamline inventory of top retailers across industries and 25 different countries to deliver better ROI on their Retail Media campaigns. CitrusAd offers brands unique benefits, including:

  • access to high-intention audiences:consumers who buy from these sites are looking for specific products and are ready to buy, so placement on is low-funnel and likely to convert to sales.
  • customization: Retailers know what their customers like to buy, and by leveraging this first-party data, brands can promote relevant products to the right audiences, right at the point of purchase.
  • native ad formats:Sponsored ads seem natural and unobtrusive to shoppers, helping brands connect seamlessly with audiences through embedded ads that are more likely to drive engagement and conversions.
  • closed loop analysis: It’s easy to attribute ad engagement to sales with Retail Media, as retailers serve the ad and sell the products and can make direct connections within their own platforms.

CitrusAd and MarinOne

CitrusAd’s full product line is now available through MarinOne’s powerful self-service platform. Marin has been helping advertisers advance their digital advertising campaigns for nearly 15 years and has managed more than $ 40 billion in ad spend.

MarinOne unifies e-commerce advertising with paid search, display and social campaigns, while simplifying the reporting and management of advertising campaigns across all channels. Automated information helps advertisers identify growth opportunities and improve their return on investment, and sophisticated bidding tools help advertisers plan, pace and optimize their campaigns to achieve their goals.

With CitrusAd and MarinOne, advertisers always have accurate and transparent real-time campaign performance at their fingertips and have the ability to make adjustments and improvements based on robust analytics. Click on hereto learn more about the integration of CitrusAd with MarinOne.


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