Maybank Sama-Sama Lokal Brings Small Businesses Online With 0% Commission Platform


WHILE we stay home due to the pandemic, many more are struggling to make ends meet.

These are our roadside stalls, cafe vendors, and sundries – the local businesses some of us grew up with.

With the ban on dining out under the Movement Control Order (MCO), these local vendors rely on take out and deliveries to survive.

But for the less tech-savvy, embracing the technology can be difficult and expensive.

The hard-hitting sad truth is that almost all of these local vendors depend solely on their business to bring food to the table and just can’t afford to shut it down.

Food delivery platforms allow retailers to reach customers quickly, but transactions will be charged a hefty commission, which not everyone can afford.

Maybank, as a member of the community, thinks we’re all in the same boat.

That said, Maybank is providing a 0% commission platform for local merchants to establish their online presence and reach more customers through its Sama-Sama Lokal digital platform for free.

No matter what type of business – from home bakers and street vendors to restaurants and pet stores – all are welcome to join the Sama-Sama Lokal family.

What is there for participating merchants?

Unlike other delivery platforms, Sama-Sama Lokal does not charge merchants any commission or fees. This means that traders keep 100% of their income.

To help them, Sama-Sama Lokal has opened online stores for many of these small local sellers who cannot afford the services of other digital platforms or the shipping costs.

Participating merchants don’t have to worry about having no technological background, as they will be guided from store setup to completing their first order within this one-stop-shop platform.

In addition, participating merchants will benefit from delivery assistance to send their products to customers safely.

From time to time, merchants will be given special incentives to increase sales while customers will receive value added benefits.

Sellers can also take advantage of the platform’s promotional campaign schedule during holiday periods and sales seasons to increase sales while getting instant updates on incoming orders and tracking them all in one place. .

To help local merchants get on board, dedicated Maybank employees took to the field to locate less tech-savvy merchants and helped them start their digitization journey, including how to take photos, upload photos to the end of their first order.

How can you play a role

Although Sama-Sama Lokal does not charge them any fees or commissions, they still need your orders to stay open.

So when you think about what to eat next let’s all go sama-sama jaga lokal and meet at Sama-Sama Lokal to order your favorite dishes.

Just log into your Maybank2U MY app and search for Sama-Sama Lokal in the top left menu bar.

Until June 30, you get RM8 on confirmed orders and RM10 on deliveries with the promo code JAGALOKAL.


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