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JLL chief executive Torrey Littlejohn, who has been with the group since 2005 and has been part of some big-name office deals in 2021, sees herself more as a property adviser than a broker. She brings considerable experience in strategy and analysis to JLL from her tenure in corporate finance at American Airlines.

In 2021, Littlejohn was the No. 2 producer in JLL’s Dallas office with big projects including representing At Home Group in its 260,000 square foot custom build in Coppell. As a result, she was honored as Broker of the Year in CEO‘s Commercial Real Estate Awards 2022.

In its scope Dallas 500 Q&A, Littlejohn talks about everything from using a forklift to how Dallas businesses can retain talent.

Education: Southern Methodist University (MBA), University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (BBA)

Place of birth: “St. Louis, Missouri”

First job: “My first job was to straighten clothes for a clothing store. After school, I would walk to the store and straighten the clothes in their storage room. Of course, I always came home with horrible hair. I originally got the job so I could buy something I really wanted, so it taught me that if you really want something, you can always get it with hard work and a bit of sweat, literally !

Best Advice: “I’ve always been told never to let anyone out-compete you. If your competitor is smarter or more talented or experienced, it just means you have to work three times as hard to overcompensate. I’ve met people all along in my career who had more connections or experience than me, but I always found that as long as I worked more than them, everything else would come into play over time. Hard work has a compounding effect.

Having dinner : “I would like to sit down with the superintendent of DISD and the chief of Dallas police. metroplex continues to grow, it is important to understand how these leaders plan for the future and how we can help them as a community achieve these goals.Good schools and safe neighborhoods will help Dallas continue to grow.

Destination of choice: “My family just returned from a week in the Bahamas and this is our new favorite destination – beautiful people, great food, clear water and easy to get to.”

Non-profit cause: “I am passionate about any organization that provides access, opportunity, and education for all. I currently serve on the Dallas Metropolitan YMCA Board of Directors and love supporting local programs that provide youth development, a way of healthy living and social responsibility.I also recently completed a three-year term on the Board of Directors of Step Up Dallas, an organization that helps empower girls in underprivileged communities by providing mentorship and programs that empower them. enable them to become confident, college-oriented, and career-focused.Furthermore, I am a big supporter (and former advisory board member) of UNCF, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping students from minorities to go to college and university.

Give as a gift: “I would buy my mother a second home opposite my house. With COVID-19 we lost a year and a half of time together and it made me realize how precious time really is. I cherish her interactions with children and what she pours into them, and it reminds me a lot of what she also poured into me growing up. Life is incredibly busy and it’s great to have people you love around to support you. We are 20 minutes from my in-laws; having my mom around would be great too.

Hobby/Passion: “I love to travel. My first job after college was working at an airline headquarters. This job was perfect for me as I worked hard Monday to Friday and fulfilled my passion by traveling the world on weekends.

Local rate: “Shinsei, I love the Dragon Lady scroll.”

Most difficult challenge: “The toughest business challenge for me has been helping businesses make incredibly difficult decisions. Real estate is normally the second biggest expense for a business. When the economy is not doing well, businesses have to make extremely difficult decisions that ultimately impact real estate and jobs. These decisions are often painful and can impact multiple lives. The good news is that in Dallas, we have seen the contrary over the past decade. The growth has been truly incredible and we are proud to continue to support businesses as they grow.

Fun fact: “I can drive a pallet truck and a forklift.”

Dream car: “I’m still waiting for the Jetsons’ flying car.”

Moments of pride: “Over the past year, our success has been rooted in staying abreast of changing workplace dynamics. More and more companies and employees are trying to incorporate successful work from home strategies. It’s our job to keep our customers informed of the latest trends, successes and failures, but there is no crystal ball. There are huge amounts of information to consume and assimilate on a daily basis, as the “return to work” situation is fluid as employees return to the workplace. We remain committed to consuming this information continuously, pivoting strategies, and sharing information with each other and with customers. »

Better DFW: “I would love a bigger live music scene in Dallas.”

Under Radar CRE history: “As more businesses move to Texas, we are seeing stiff competition for employee talent. Real estate is a critical consideration and differentiator in attracting and retaining talent. As the population continues to grow and companies offer unique amenities and flexible work-from-home policies, employees now have more options than ever. the second, and we see companies becoming more reliant on real estate being tied to overall labor costs and recruiting top talent.”

Accompaniment song: ” That depends on the day. “I Gotta Feeling” by the Black Eyed Peas or “Stronger” by Kelly Clarkson, and sometimes anything from Lizzo can prepare me for a challenge. »

Highest risk: “Accept a 100% commission compensation structure. It made me take a huge risk. I’m glad I did.

Bucket list: “I would really like to visit Iceland.”

Future forecast: “I’m very excited to see what my two children will achieve in the future. I have a fourteen-year-old daughter and a nine-year-old son who have completely different personalities, interests and ambitions. I can’t wait to take advantage of all the resources of the Dallas community to feed their hunger and support their growth.


Ben Swanger is the associate editor of CEOthe business title of Magazine D. Ben manages the Dallas 500


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