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BOSTON, January 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — meQuilibrium, the leading digital resilience platform, is bringing biometrics to its mobile platform with its innovative new Breathe Coach technology, which allows members to get Heart Rate Variability (HRV) insights from anytime and anywhere on a smartphone. meQuilibrium is the first digital employee resiliency solution to integrate biometrics into a mobile platform, providing users with a non-invasive intervention to create a balance between breathing and heart rate to lay the foundation for resiliency from a point of view. physiological view.

meQuilibrium’s new Breathe Coach tool turns the smartphone camera lens into a biometric sensor that analyzes limb breathing and heart rate with the touch of a finger. Breathing patterns are instantly displayed directly on the smartphone screen, providing immediate visual feedback of heart rate and breathing mapping, as well as overall improvements over time.

Breathe Coach guides users through the practice of resonance breathing, balancing the nervous system by aligning breathing with heart rate, which, in turn, can reduce stress. Resonance breathing can be particularly beneficial for the mind as it triggers a relaxation response in the body.

“Our new biometric technology integrates physical, emotional and mental well-being, teaching users how to relax on command, reduce stress, calm anxiety and manage other symptoms using the camera and the screen of a smartphone”, explains Adam Perlman, MD, chief medical officer and co-founder of meQuilibrium, who is also director of integrative health and wellness for Mayo Clinic Florida. “Breathe Coach unleashes the power of HRV and Resonance Breathing to ultimately train the mind and body to ward off stress.”

“meQuilibrium’s science-based platform not only allows us to predict who is at risk for wellness issues, but users now have an intervention method to improve autonomic nervous system balance and achieve reduced mindfulness-based stress relief through a smartphone,” said Jan Bruce, CEO and co-founder, meQuilibrium. “Breathe Coach is among the innovations that allow us to help Fortune 500 employees with the tools they need to weather uncertain times and prevent stress and burnout as we harness the science of resilience, AI, predictive analytics and neuroscience.”

About meQuilibrium
meQuilibrium is the #1 digital solution to build resilience at scale for global Fortune 500 companies, helping companies innovate and weather uncertain times. meQuilibrium harnesses the science of resilience, AI, predictive analytics and neuroscience to help companies develop the well-being and potential of their employees. Leading employers have recognized the power of resilience, and meQuilibrium’s intelligent cloud-based resilience building system mitigates the negative impacts of stress on an individual basis, at scale, and also builds workforce populations. resilient and agile organizations capable of thriving in change.

meQuilibrium has been named to the Inc. 5000 list two years in a row and has received numerous other awards, including the Deloitte Award North America Technology Fast 500 Awarded three years in a row, Financial Times Fastest Growing Companies 2021, Brandon Hall Group 2021 Excellence in Technology Award, 2021 Timmy Award and a 2020 HR Tech Innovation Award. Learn more about

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