Minutes of the Information Management Working Group (IMWG) meeting (September 13, 2022) – Core IMWG meeting – World



HRP Response Tracking Updates

OCHA reiterated that clusters must report monthly figures achieved in the future in addition to cumulative reach since 1 January 2022, therefore cumulative reach should not be less than monthly reach.

• The columns IDPs, cross-border returnees and victims of natural disasters relate only to people newly displaced / returned / affected in 2022.

• Cross-border returnees (2022) at border/encashment centers and province of return are the same people.

• People affected from 2021 and before must go to vulnerable people with humanitarian needs.

• If in doubt, place them under vulnerable people with humanitarian needs. Check with the following for reference:

• Dashboard of natural disasters:

• IOM RAF data (natural disasters):

• Conflict displacement dashboard:

• Overview of population movements:

• Subscribe to the IOM mailing list for undocumented returnee figures: https://afghanistan.iom.int

• Returning refugees: https://data.humdata.org/dataset/afghanistan-voluntary-repatriation-2022

HR.info migration and presentation of the new platform

OCHA Hague updated the IMWG on the site upgrades and progress made in moving the HR.info site to a new platform. the new site will have a different look and brand will be changed from HR.info to ReliefWeb response. Some of the old content on HR.info has already been translated and cleaned up during the migration to the new platform. The new site will have more advanced features such as external calendar using the provided TeamUp tool with a modified link to add your specific calendar, mobile device view layout and improved search engine optimization to retrieve easily and quickly the related content of the site on the top list of search engine on the Internet. OCHA Haque has asked cluster OMIs to continue forwarding documents to [email protected] for upload to ReliefWeb’s response until completion of the migration process scheduled for 19 September. The new website link is here: https://response.reliefweb.int/afghanistan

Instant overview of ICCT pipeline tracking

OCHA presented the ICCT Pipeline Monitoring Report for the planned status of key humanitarian supply pipelines at national and regional levels for relief items that are routinely stockpiled in Afghanistan or essential for disaster response. emergency between September and December 2022. Shortages have been reported. for certain group-specific items in regional inventory, risk of supply disruptions and funding shortfalls to meet projected inventory needs. For more information, download the infographic here: Afghanistan: ICCT Pipeline Tracking Report (Sep – Dec 2022) As of September 5, 2022 – Afghanistan | ReliefWeb


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