Nattaa-A New Social Networking Platform Promoting Free Speech



Martech Perspectives | Tuesday, September 21, 2021

A new UK-based social networking platform, Nattaa, has been launched to bring social media back to its original purpose of supporting community and communication.

FREMONT, California: A new UK-based social networking platform allowing free speech without political allegiance was launched recently. Nattaa was designed to bring social media back to its original purpose of supporting community and communication between friends, family and people with common interests.

Users can express themselves on the network without fear of retaliation from administrators who disagree with them, restoring freedom of speech without restriction or harassment. Moderators will ensure that every post is free from hate speech and racism. They adhere to common decency, making the platform suitable for people of different ages and interests.

Nattaa invites community members to talk and debate without fear of being removed or temporarily banned from the channel, while providing users with a safe space to interact with others through a smoother, multi-platform management approach. popular shapes currently available.

Thanks to Nattaa’s personalized infrastructure, unnecessary advertising will be reduced, allowing users to return to the original goal of social media before networks included profitable advertising environments that allowed large companies to pay for reach and to fit into the discussions.

Alex Sheldon, co-founder of Nattaa, said: “Over the years we have stood idly by and observed that many popular social media channels have become little more than digital advertising platforms with visibility of the brand sold to the highest bidder. The original objective has been lost. “

The platform is free and has many security and privacy guarantees to ensure the safety of user data.

“We have also seen moderators ban or ban users for expressing an opinion that is not aligned with their own political stripe, and we felt that was enough. Nattaa is a new kind of social network where members are welcome to share their thoughts without fear of being suppressed to have an opinion. We made it our mission to restore the community-centric ideal that many platforms were created for. By removing biased advertising, Nattaa opposes disseminating products or views on others, and we hope people will join us in bringing the social element back to social media, ”added Alex.



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