Nautilus seeks to create a healthier work culture, one employee at a time: Top Workplaces 2021


For the ninth consecutive year, Nautilus inc. was named the winner of the Oregonian / OregonLive Top Workplaces competition, now in its 10th year.

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The Vancouver, Washington-based fitness company has produced everything from Bowflex equipment to Schwinn bikes and ellipticals, fast becoming one of the industry’s leading brands. The ultimate goal of the business is to help people achieve their fitness goals and adopt a healthy lifestyle.

According to Ellen Raim, director of human resources at Nautilus, much of the company’s success and accolades can be attributed to one word: culture.

“(She) is focused on collaboration, innovation, transparency, giving, fun and the mission, which is to foster healthier lives through individualized connected fitness experiences,” said Raim. “And in doing so, build a healthier world, one person at a time. “

This culture is first encouraged internally. Despite the fact that Nautilus has employees around the world, it hosts monthly meetings, fireside chats with executives, and “Final Fridays”, where departments keep abreast of their progress. Nautilus also hires a diverse staff, including military veterans.

“We believe that each person adds something special to our team,” said Raim.

Nautilus employees (left to right) Cynthia Wilson, Starla Manning and Shelby Contreras receive product training in a boardroom at Nautilus headquarters in Vancouver.Randy L. Rasmussen / For The Oregonian / OregonLive

The culture fostered from within is then extended to the community, where employees are given eight hours of paid time to volunteer for a service of their choice. Some employees participate in back-to-school campaigns, American Heart Month fundraisers, and holiday events where they shop with children.

Nautilus was founded by Arthur Jones, a passionate fitness inventor, in 1986. Jones’ invention of the “Blue Monster” resistance machine and his training to muscle failure philosophy helped revolutionize the industry. He then worked with champion bodybuilders.

The foundation Jones established continued to grow over the following decades. The company has produced strength and cardio training products, which now include Bowflex, Nautilus, Modern Movement, Octane Fitness, Schwinn, and Universal.

In 1999 Nautilus became a publicly traded company. Then, in 2011, the company turned to home equipment. Currently, the company has 455 employees, of which 339 are based at the Vancouver head office. In 2020, the company’s total revenue was $ 552.6 million.

“The reputation for innovation, combined with culture, attracts and retains top talent, which has greatly contributed to the success of the company,” said Raim. “We come to work every day to fulfill our noble mission: to foster a healthier lifestyle through individualized connected fitness experiences. “

As with many other businesses, the COVID-19 pandemic has presented certain challenges for Nautilus. It faced supply chain issues, which hampered its ability to meet expected product demand. He also had difficulty in hiring workers.

“However, we are not afraid of challenges and everyone stepped up to meet them, which often required extra work to provide our customers with the highest level of service and care,” said Raim. . “We are indebted to the incredible contributions of our employees who have persevered to provide incredible products to our customers. “

Nautilus employee explains several of the company's personal fitness products to colleagues

Nautilus employee Tony Montoya gives a product training course for (left to right) Lily Caballero, Mya Gaede and Janelle Torres.Randy L. Rasmussen / For The Oregonian / OregonLive

The focus of the company has now shifted to the future, in particular its “North Star” initiatives. Nautilus has launched a digital platform for Bowflex products that can be streamed on Netflix, Hulu, and Disney +, providing customers with personalized training and fitness advice. The company continued to focus on home fitness, while adding manufacturing facilities to increase production.

Raim described Nautilus’ day-to-day operations, which are driven by the customer experience, as “focused and intentional”. Nautilus holds focus groups with consumers to get feedback on potential product ideas. The company is constantly testing new software updates and working to make its warehouse operations more efficient.

“Through our products, workouts, resources, tips and motivational content, we help people achieve their fitness goals,” said Raim.

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