Nissan launches virtual car sales consultant for Magnite customers


Now Virtual Car Sales Advisor, How His Eccentric Engine Helps Nissan Sell Magnite Through Virtual Sales Advisor

Nissan India on Friday launched a virtual sales consultant for people who want to buy the company’s Magnite SUV under 4 meters away from the company. A virtual sales consultant is an industry first initiative, Nissan said it provides “expert advice through guided exploration of the car.”

This virtual advisor provides potential customers with personalized, real-time interaction with product experts (providing vehicle information), answers product and ownership questions, suggests variations, offers financing and value options exchange, offers virtual tests and allows them to reserve the car online. It is essentially an end-to-end informational and transactional assistance in the customer’s purchasing journey.

“The pandemic has challenged the traditional way of engaging customers. Nissan broke new ground with a “virtual showroom” and a “virtual test drive” at the launch of the Magnite. The ‘Virtual Sales Advisor’ is the way forward to a seamless, flexible and convenient shopping experience, ”said Rakesh Srivastava, Managing Director of Nissan Motor India.

The platform also allows customers to invite their friends and family to join real-time sessions to explore Magnite together from the comfort of their own homes; potential clients receive a personalized Magnite brochure at the end of the session.

The mastermind behind this industry’s first initiative is Eccentric Engine, a technology incubator and the creator of One 3D Visualization Platform, founded by Gaurav Rane and Varun Shah.

Varun Shah, co-founder and CEO of Eccentric Engine, told FE that it is a one-of-a-kind digital platform with a native experience embedded by any automotive company in the world and describes new possibilities to drive automotive retail innovations. “We call this product ‘Concierge’. Having successfully created the 3D configurator and 3D commerce platforms for the Magnite, the concierge is a testament to our growing partnership and will go a long way in humanizing and speeding up the real-time vehicle purchasing process, ”Shah said.

Buying a car, he said, is not an impulse buy, but a rational decision – there is a human element too, and buyers often tend to remember the name of the seller who sold the car.

After the pandemic, with digital car sales taking off, a buyer typically begins the conversation with the seller 5 to 30 days after exploring the car digitally. “Our goal is to reduce this time to less than 10 minutes,” Shah said. “We are technology enablers and immediately connect the customer to the seller. “

Eccentric Engine developed this solution with “reality” in mind; for example, a car’s virtual display should load in less than 5 seconds at current data speeds, and that’s why it kept the display size under 10MB. Also, it works on all browsers.

Shah has digitally shown FE the exterior and interior of a car, and these are as close to the real car as you can get, including different color schemes and the different finishes available. “We take the digital visuals from the OEMs when the car is ready and process those visuals on our platform,” he said.

After Magnite, this solution can also be developed for other manufacturers and brands.

In 2020, no less than 76 lakhs of Indians chose to discover the characteristics of their next car in 3D on the Internet. This is more than 300% growth in exploration from 2019, an Eccentric Engine trend analysis found.

“It increased further in 2021,” Shah added. “By intuitively integrating the real and digital worlds with One 3D, we have created an unprecedented level of customer engagement for our OEM partners to understand the evolving needs of consumers and to help them better serve their customers by offering a World-class product visualization that can personalize their shopping experience.

Eccentric Engine is currently working with 10 OEMs, including Maruti Suzuki, Tata Motors, MG Motor, Citroën, Toyota, Mahindra and Nissan, and two new two-wheeler companies are on board, as well as a utility vehicle supplier. It has a team of 60 professionals in India and research centers for the development of One 3D products in Europe and Russia.

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