Paid search in a cookie-free world: are you ready? [Webinar]


You’ve relied on cookies to deliver your marketing campaigns for years, but the days of third-party cookies are coming to an end.

What does this major change mean for your business and your digital campaigns?

Google is becoming even more of a walled garden than it was before, so how are you going to overcome this new hurdle?

Learn how savvy marketers are overcoming this challenge and gaining a first-mover advantage by using improved paid search techniques.

Register now for this webinar to future-proof your marketing strategy and learn how to meet new challenges in targeting, measurement and attribution across digital channels.

You will learn:

  • What we know so far about the impending cookie-free future.
  • First-mover benefits, opportunities, and challenges for search marketers.
  • Strategies to sustain, adapt and win in this new normal.

As third-party cookies go away, search marketers need to start leveraging paid search to gain first-mover advantage.

Join Sreekant Lanka, SVP Digital Solutions at iQuanti, as he discusses why paid search will become increasingly vital to a successful marketing strategy and how you can make the most of it.

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