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The company provides advice, support and expertise in a complex online sales environment


An idea that started five years ago in a spare bedroom in a 1,250 square foot condominium has now grown into a thriving tech agency helping businesses seamlessly dominate the Amazon marketplace.

Palmetto Digital Marketing Group (PDMG) provides turnkey solutions for businesses and manufacturers to sell products faster and easier on the Amazon Marketplace platform.

“We run your entire Amazon business – every aspect of it,” said Founder and CEO of CEO Phillip D’Orazio, who has 25 years of experience in e-commerce. “The learning curve for the Amazon platform is extreme. You don’t just list something on Amazon and sell it. An Amazon business needs constant attention and support. You need a conduit, and we’re that bridge between the manufacturer and the customers on Amazon. “

PDMG’s team of experts handles everything including creating a seller account and navigating the FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) program, advertising, inventory analysis and management, customer service solutions , case managers for Amazon refunds, writing product descriptions and optimizing bring-in listings. products at the top of the Amazon page. Success stories include a 10-fold increase in sales.

In five years, the company has worked with over 200 clients, including nearly a dozen businesses and manufacturers in Charleston. PDMG currently manages Amazon sales for nearly 50 companies.

The PDMG team consists of eight Charleston-based staff at the Charleston Tech Center as well as an international team. The agency cultivates talent and is very team oriented. Team members have multiple responsibilities and are reminded to lean in and work as a unit.

“Selling on Amazon is like a business within a business; our staff includes subject matter experts who implement core business functions such as marketing, creation, technology and overall sales acceleration. We’re very different from a traditional digital agency whose focus is solely SEO / PPC marketing, ”D’Orazio said. “We have the right size where I can still be involved in all accounts. ”

Compensation is commission based, based on sales and customer growth, which keeps PDMG motivated.

“I’ve always had a lot of work in me, so I love the fact that the harder we work, the more successful our clients are,” D’Orazio said.

Customers who are a good fit for PDMG include companies and manufacturers who make unique products with short delivery times, or who can store products in a warehouse for quick shipments to Amazon. Platinum accounts are customers who generate over $ 500,000 in sales on Amazon each month.

PDMG is distinguished by its ability to put the needs of its customers first and to remain customer-centric in all scenarios. The company’s mission is to be transparent, realistic and responsible.

“This business is the opportunity of a lifetime for me as an entrepreneur, and I am proud to be a part of the Charleston community,” said D’Orazio.



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