Parsifal presents a new technological platform – ReloPricing and PRISMgmt


Parsifal Corporation today announced the development of a new technology platform with the introduction of the ReloPricing and PRISMgmt systems which will have a significant impact on navigating the company’s relocation process.

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Fairfield, ME — (Release Wire) — 02/01/2022 — These game-changing tools provide a fully integrated, wing-to-wing solution that reduces friction points by streamlining data exchange and consolidating chain interactions supply. As a result, says Mark Olsen, President and CEO of Parsifal, “the digital experience is dramatically improved for the relocating employee, as well as for the client company, RMC and the supplier.” Part of the ReloProducts family, these two systems are the result of 20 years of technological development and 40 years of experience in housewares. The technology platform is designed to fully manage difficult pricing structures, different modes of transportation, complex booking criteria, trip stage tracking, customer policy enforcement, service exceptions, reporting financial, etc.

ReloPricing automates the pricing/distribution/reservation process, whether you are traveling worldwide or in the United States. Using a web-based design (with API integration points for move manager and supply chain), move requests flow through the system with real-time matching of service orders with the most qualified suppliers.

With PRISMgmt, all important shipping information is provided in a single interface, accessible via the web with the option of full API integration. Additionally, PRISM incorporates a second layer of API integration with vendors, ensuring updates are automatic and timely. The data is entered once and then made available to all parties related to the move. This design places all relevant financial and logistical information at the user’s fingertips at every turn of the moving process. Additionally, Parsifal recently launched the beginnings of an upstream audit process – during the move – which will result in significant accuracy, processing time reductions and simplified service approvals, as well as the ability to make expertly handle more difficult parts of a move.

ReloPricing and PRISMgmt provide feature-rich solutions by reducing long-standing pain points in the HHG industry. This technology enhances the digital experience for the RMC and provider network, providing better service delivery to the relocated client and their employee.

Parsifal Corporation’s services and products are in constant global operation in more than 120 countries, with moving companies, carriers and managers in Africa, America, Asia, Australia and Europe. Parsifal helps its customers to obtain the best prices and the best quality of service for household products. In addition, we offer to protect these prices and quality through an expert global audit.

Mission: At Parsifal Corporation, we are passionately dedicated to our craft, focused on ensuring exceptional accuracy and transparency through innovative, quality-driven technology for all our customers, partners and stakeholders in the global relocation experience.

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