“Potential” car buyers cannot find available vehicles


WASHINGTON, March 31, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — In December 2021, Your Advocate Alliance (joinyaa.com/cars) launched YAA Car Search, an innovative car shopping search engine that offers consumers behind-the-scenes industry data. Now, YAA Car Search has become the first car shopping search engine to notify users when a vehicle is in transit to the dealership, rather than already in the lot.

Transiting vehicles now make up a large portion of vehicle lists
With new vehicle inventories at record highs due to ongoing supply shortages, dealers are increasingly offering vehicles for sale that are weeks or even months away from arriving at the dealership. This has left many car buyers frustrated with the misleading information posted online. YAA Car Search now includes in-transit status for vehicle listings where available, saving users countless hours of time when navigating today’s complex car buying process. today.

YAA Car Search engages buyers with industry insights
Since its launch in December, YAA Car Search has reached 200,000 active users as potential buyers turn to YAA for assistance throughout the vehicle buying process. With inventory shortages expected to continue through 2022, consumers are looking for help to tackle an automotive market like no other.

YAA analysis provides industry insights that consumers typically don’t have access to. Local supply levels are shown for each vehicle, which displays “market day supply”, sell rate, and total number of similar vehicles in stock. The local comparison function compares the selected automatic list with similar lists nearby.

Car Search also offers users the ability to explore YAA extended warranty products before heading to the dealership. Users can also access the YAA community forum from each car listing for additional support.

About YAA
YAA saves car buyers time and money in today’s tough automotive market. With digital tools that level the playing field, expert on-call support and an active community, YAA members have the tools and expertise to purchase a vehicle with confidence. YAA Premium Membership gives members the opportunity to chat live with one of YAA’s experienced car sales experts. Premium members also get access to advanced reporting, Black Book exchange ratings, one-on-one coaching, and premium YAA courses.

YAA was founded in 2019 by an industry veteran Ray Shefskahis consumer advocate entrepreneur son Zach Shefskaand software engineer Arash Soheili. YAA has since grown to include over 100,000 members, with significant growth in 2022.



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