Purl Partners joins UNIPaaS to bring embedded finance to digital platforms


Based in Israel UNIPaaS announced that Purl Partners has joined as a committed shareholder to extend integrated finance to digital platforms and their clients.

Players from the business, government and communications sectors have come together at Purl Partners to support start-up and growth companies on their journey by pooling their resources, expertise, energy and networks. Partners come from companies such as Ocado, Pollinate, Exchequer and Audley.

What UNIPaaS aims to achieve

UNIPaaS’ mission is to help platforms capitalize on the real potential of embedded finance. Its truly integrated solution gives digital platforms the ability to add new white-label financial services such as payments and banking. By providing these services, businesses can increase revenue, improve customer lifetime value, and provide a simpler experience.

The UNIPaaS solution enables platforms to deliver new and streamlined customer experiences while delivering new value propositions for their customers. This includes automating and digitizing manual processes, reducing administration and errors, and helping businesses improve cash flow and growth. Through a partnership with UNIPaaS, digital platforms are able to provide their customers with integrated financial solutions so that they can add financial services alongside their core software products and, in doing so, increase their own revenue per customer by 2 to 5 times.

More information about Purl Partners

Purl Partners is a collective of business leaders who have combined their resources, experience, energy and networks to guide start-up and growing businesses. Together, the group discovers, advises, supports and promotes the exciting and goal-oriented businesses of this generation, helping to accelerate their path to growth.


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