“Relaxation on demand”: a new online platform helps reduce stress


“I lived in a time where the more successful you were, the busier you had to be…but if you live like that, you get sick,” says the creator of Relaxation Lounge

Everyone experiences stress, but it’s how you manage your stress that can determine the extent of its impact on your overall well-being.

Denise Eckert knows firsthand the negative effects stress can have on your health after a high-pressure career hosting large-scale medical conferences left her exhausted and ill.

“My doctor kept telling me to slow down, but I didn’t know how to slow down (and) the only real relaxation practice I was aware of at the time was things like meditation, and I didn’t like really not that because… I would have too many things on my mind and I just can’t slow down,” she said..

Eckert says she eventually realized she had to quit her job because of her exhaustion and illness.

“It ruined my relationship and it was quite dramatic,” she says.

After quitting her high-pressure job, Eckert decided she wanted to find a way to help other stressed-out women to avoid ending up burning out the same way she had, so she is became a certified trainer, but admitted it never really felt like the right “fit.”

However, she fell in love with the various relaxation practices she learned and recently decided to consolidate the various practices into one simple website.

Eckert officially launched The Relaxation Lounge a new online membership platform designed to help busy women reduce stress quickly and easily April 26. The lounge hosts a variety of stress-reducing relaxation practices that members can use.

“We’re all stressed, (so) it’s just about being aware of the stress…because if we stay in that kind of stress, we’ll get sick. It’s about creating awareness and then stopping and doing something,” she says. “People think they need a break when they’re feeling stressed, so they sit in front of the TV or on the couch, but that doesn’t do much.

“A lot of these practices energize you in the end, refocus your mind, and rejuvenate you.”

Enjoying a variety of different relaxation techniques has been “very powerful” in her own life, she says.

“I was such a burnout. I lived in a time where the more successful you were, the busier you had to be… but if you live like that, you get sick.

The relaxation lounge has monthly subscriptions where people can choose the practice that best suits their needs whether it’s a sound bath, hypnotherapy, EFT, etc.

Eckart also says the site has multiple practitioners, so if one doesn’t resonate with a user, there’s likely another one that will.

“It’s pretty simple,” she says. “I’m constantly adding things to the site. That’s good, because over time it will be quite the repertoire. …It’s relaxation on demand, so when you need it, it’s there.


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