Sarva urges Ayush ministry to focus on yoga-based wellness for Covid recovery



CHENNAI: Yoga-based wellness platform Sarva said on Monday that it had contacted the Ayush ministry to offer its services digitally completely free of charge.
In a letter sent to the ministry recently, the company said it had stressed the importance of making yoga an integral part of the recovery process from Covid-19.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi has repeatedly championed the cause of yoga’s recognition on the world stage. Today, the practice is accepted around the world as a source of holistic well-being. The call to action of SARVA explains how now is the time to harness this power to help overcome the pandemic, its short and long term effects and also to create a stronger and healthier future for people around the world ”, the company said in a statement.
“There couldn’t be a more opportune time to integrate yoga into people’s lives than now. Considering how the past two years have evolved with the pandemic and how yoga has benefited many people, there is a need to make it a national practice … An initiative from Ayush’s ministry may bring about a change amazing, bringing people to Rise the objective of the India mission. This is what we set out to do with our initiative, ”said Sarvesh Shashi, founder of Sarva.
Sarva said it is equipped to offer its resource pool, operational technical platform and regional language content to conduct interactive and on-demand sessions to support the ministry in execution.
The company recently launched the Sarva 2.0 digital platform with over 1,500 hours of yoga and mindfulness content and over 280 goal-based guided programs. The app offers yoga modules in various categories and offers pre-recorded classes on the app, live classes from instructors and celebrities, and personal training.



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