SEOs experience delays in data on Search Console performance reports


“We are currently experiencing longer than usual delays in the Search Console performance report. It only affects reporting, not crawling, indexing or ranking of websites, ”Google Search Central’s Twitter account said on the morning of Tuesday, September 21. “We will update here once this issue is resolved. Thank you for your patience!”

Many SEOs noticed the change in their Search Console reporting this morning and took to social media to ask if they’re the only ones seeing the problem. “Is there a GSC bug? Excuse me if I’m late for the party here, but the last day we even have partial data available is the 18th? ” asked Tessa Bonacci Nadik, SEO Product Director at Cox Automotive.

She is not alone. Other SEOS say September 18 was their last data day. Aleyda Solis reported that its last data day was September 17.

“Yes, I am also seeing delays in the data displayed in the GSC Performance Report… the last day displayed is Friday September 17th on all accounts to which I have access.”

We will continue to update this article as we learn more.

Why we care If your data isn’t updating, don’t worry just yet. The problem will likely be fixed soon, but be sure to inform your customers and adjust your weekly reports to avoid any misunderstandings or data errors. If you are using the Search Console API, it is also likely that you will see 404s until the issue is resolved. Google assured SEOs that the issue is not affecting the way sites are viewed or indexed, but simply the way data is passed to them. It’s also a good reminder to go to Search Console regularly to check your data and not just rely on tools that can pull data into automated reports.

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